October 2021 Bead Mat Update: Spooky, freaky, creepy, scary!

My October 2021 bead mat update is spooky, freaky, creepy, and even eerie! I’m not really serious, but it sounds good, and it’s certainly the perfect time of year for bad jokes, foggy nights, delicious treats, and scary movies!!

I know that we’ve had some witches in the store (because they like beads too), but certainly no ghouls, or goblins. One spooky afternoon in the past, I was talking to a couple of my co-workers, and the door slammed closed, for no particular reason. Was it the mischievous ghost of beaders past, or just a sudden gust of wind, from under the receiving door? The strange thing was, it was a pretty calm day, so I doubt that the wind had anything to do with it. Freaky for sure, and it hasn’t happened since! Eeeek!!!

In honour of Halloween, Skelly has returned to welcome everyone to our Spook-tacular Sale! The beads are floating out the door, so don’t forget to drop by (or click on) to treat yourself to a few goodies, before the discounts vanish into thin air on November 4th. I promise that we won’t trick you, unless of course you’re a frequent customer, and we just can’t help ourselves.

If you’re wanting a haunting pair of earrings for the special day, don’t forget that we have some pretty batty charms, that make perfect earrings for the ghouls in your life (or even for yourself). Wear them plain, or dress up with resin, or polymer clay, the choice is yours.

Speaking of the October 2021 Bead Mat Update, I don’t have any current beading to show you. However, I do have a wee silver heart (hmm, I only see the copper one on the website right now), that I filled with resin, and enhanced with a dash of Jet Age Powders. It’s tiny, and we’re currently sold out, but it’s a sweet example of a Nunn design bezel. If we wish really hard, perhaps Dwyn, and Bonnie will stock more, with the next order. I crave their products, and plan to hang this little treat from a long chain.

October 2021 bead mat update

Here’s a shot of the stitched stone that I showed you in last week’s blog post. I still consider it to be a Stitch Meditation, but right now, I don’t really find it all that meditative. The free-form satin stitch, takes a long time, and I find my mind wandering to other creative outlets, and that’s not exactly relaxing. However, there’s only a few spaces left to stitch, so I will persevere.

October 2021 bead mat update
A photo of the back of the stone (do stones really have a front, and a back side?).

I don’t think that I told you about The Magpie’s Nest workshop that I’m taking from Aimee Bishop. The end result will be a mixed media book (or journal), but the fun is all in the techniques. Talk about a ton of material!!

Brushes and Pop Can pens (they really call them Cola pens, but I used a Ginger Ale one).

October 2021 bead mat update

A closer look at my feather brush, plus one of my favourite nest papers.

October 2021 bead mat update

More of my inky papers.

October 2021 bead mat update
October 2021 bead mat update
October 2021 bead mat update
October 2021 bead mat update

Rusty fabric.

Rusty paper.

This is just the start, because I haven’t even worked my way through all the videos yet. I’m spookily scared, that I won’t be able to do anything else, until I finish the rest of the course.

I’m not tricking you, but I owe you some beading, so how about a few retro items.

Stones of many free-form, and freaky colours!

A bloody bowl of beads!!  I told you that I haven’t been doing much beading, but some of my all-time favourites are jumbled up in that bowl. Do I really need more necklaces? Is it creepy to say that “of course I do”! By the way, I am definitely not passing these out as Halloween treats!!

My spooky, freaky, creepy, October 2021 bead mat update is over for now, but I’m still hoping to make a pair of batty earrings, before the darkness descends on the 31st! What scary things have you planned for the big day?

Be safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated.

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