Crank Out the Ideas: Because the time is drawing near!

It’s time to crank out the ideas, or crank up the volume, or whatever it takes to get it in gear, and start on your holiday making! I haven’t yet, but I’m never a good example at this time of the year. I start late, then work like crazy, until my parcels are in the mail. Then I relax.

How do you crank out the ideas, if you’re not sure what you want to make? I get flashes of inspiration, but if I don’t write them down, they get lost somewhere between now, and never. That shouldn’t ever happen! This year will be different (yes, I know that I say that every year).

I’m going to carry a notebook around, and write down every idea that spews out of my brain.

What else can I/we do? Take a walk with your camera, listen to music, read a technique driven book/magazine, take a class, look at gifts that you’ve made in the past, and surf the net (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest). You could also check out our BeadFX “Inspiration” projects.

How about taking inspiration from a friend’s garden? Choose some of these colours for your next project.

crank out the ideas

In-person shows are starting to happen again, in this part of the world, so plan to do some creative shopping. If you’re going to buy, think about buying from local artists. They’ve been hurting!

I always buy a few practical things, then make artsy stuff that has no real purpose (well, some do!). It’s just the way I roll! Just remember, that not everyone appreciates hand-made goods (that fact always confuses me), so don’t waste your efforts, if they will not be appreciated.

We’ve been busy, and that’s a good indication that people are starting to think about the holidays. Of course, the sale (sorry, but it ended last night) did help! LOL!

Now on to the show and tell!

I spent a little quality time with my free-form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece last weekend. So many beads!

crank out the ideas
crank out the ideas

My bead board is still messy, but it works for me!

This little bracelet is a work in progress. The stone is from my stash, but I just purchased the clever bracelet component recently. It’s also available in gold!

crank out the ideas

I thought that it was large enough for my wrist, but I found that I really had to contort my hand, to get it on. I need to add a few jump rings.

What do you think of my latest stitched stone, that I’ve been using as a Stitch Meditation?


crank out the ideas


crank out the ideas

I’m really enjoying Aimee Bishop’s The Magpie’s Nest course. However, I seem to be stuck on the mark-making stage. I love techniques!

A few more of my pages!


crank out the ideas

crank out the ideas


I made a little nest out of some of my leftover threads, and it reminded me of the nest I made out of shredded paper (really, papers that I pulled out of the shredder), many years ago.

crank out the ideas
crank out the ideas

I hope to start working on my signatures (pages), and my cover this weekend. Wish me luck!

It’s definitely time to crank out the ideas, because who knows how long the mail will take? I’m energized to start making, and I hope that you are too. If you need us, even if just for a little encouragement, BeadFX is here to help you. All you need to do is ask!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands. Get vaccinated!

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