Exploring the Possibilities!

Exploring the possibilities, is one of the ways that I keep my artistic sanity. I have a curious mind, and have a difficult time dealing with keeping to the status quo (or should I say an even keel). But why should I?  Life is way more exciting, if you have no idea where you’re heading.

While I try not to get too crazy, I admit to loving new and exciting challenges in my life. I don’t always get them, but it doesn’t hurt to work towards them. Who knows where they might lead you?

I’m currently in a state of flux, because I haven’t been creating all that much that’s new and exciting! Oh, I am creating, but am I creating to the best of my abilities? Probably not! But that’s not a problem I will solve in this blog post, so perhaps I should just get on with it.

While exploring the possibilities, I started taking a look at some of my unfinished projects. Some, made in workshops, and others the product of my imagination. Should there be a separation between the two, or should I just treat them as one, and the same? For the purposes of this blog post, I will deal with them as one.

I really do need to figure out what to do with some of these pieces! However, as I’ve said before, I really haven’t been wearing that much jewelry during Covid, so I’m not in a rush.

Enameled copper beads, made in a workshop, way before Covid. I am thinking a necklace, but the enamel is a bit fragile (it is glass after all), so I’m wondering if there’s something I could treat them with before constructing my necklace. It would be nice to mix them up with some fibre, to make a real statement piece.

exploring the possibilities

A Raku Enamel square (again, made in a workshop), that could be the centre of an interesting piece of jewelry. But what would I mix it with? Some of the enamel beads? Also in this photo is wire collage, on an antique brass, filigree piece (my design).

exploring the possibilities

A Boho Charm Pendant (again, mine), that I made quite a while ago (probably for a workshop). I originally wore it on a long, ball chain necklace, but I would like to elevate it somehow. No ideas yet, but I will keep on thinking.

exploring the possibilities

What do you suppose I meant to do with these wee stones (purchased at one of the local gem shows)? Do you think that I just bought them for the cute little bottles (around 1 ½” tall)? Or perhaps as resin inclusions? Honestly, it was probably both, but nothing will ever happen unless I keep them visible, and within reach.

exploring the possibilities

Gelli prints (a couple with mark-making additions), made last weekend, that will eventually be turned into small booklets. A couple of others have already been used, but I need to brush up on the folding techniques, before I’m ready to reveal my results.

I felt the need to stitch, so whipped up another orb on the weekend. I will probably bead this one, so I’m currently auditioning the beads (from BeadFX of course). My slow stitch, Stitch Meditation is almost like therapy. It grounds me, and these orbs are fun to do!

exploring the possibilities
The fabric scraps used were either gifted, or thrifted, with a little Sari silk stitched in for good measure!
I love the combination of dark blue thread, and soft green fabrics!

I made soup on the weekend, so that’s a sure sign that the season has definitely changed. Also, before the frost hits (it’s imminent), I thought that I would cut a few of my geraniums. They’ve performed magnificently this year, but now it’s time to put them to rest.

I will continue exploring the possibilities, and also hope to come up with a few new projects to share. The cooler weather allows me to focus, or at least I hope that it will allow me to do that. My muse gets a little lazy, and distracted, in the warmer months. Wish me luck!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, social distance, and get vaccinated!

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