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My goodness – what has come over me? Two weeks in a row that I am flirting with soft and pretty colors! Oh myyyy!

This week – we continue with the pastel theme, with some Morganite! Morganite is in the Beryl family of stones, which means that it is just an accident of geography and chemistry that it is not an emerald. Beryl includes aquamarine and helidor (Golden Beryl) as well as emerald and Morganite. Morganite was named by its discoverer (George Kunz – who named Kunzite for himself) – in honor of J.P. Morgan – who was fabulously wealthy and a great collector of gemstones. Hmmm. Strategic thinking.

Anyway – not transparent like the gemstones, but rather – opaque –
these soft colors of pink, blues, peaches and greens
make for beautiful pieces if you just go with random, or if you choose the “banded” strands, where the beads have been pre-sorted by color.

s72409 Stone Beads - 4mm Faceted Rounds - Morganite (strand)s72408 Stone Beads - 10mm Rounds - Morganite (strand)s72410 Stone Beads -  Hex Tubes - Morganite (strand)s72412 Stone Beads - 3mm Faceted Rondelle Donuts - Morganite (strand)

In further pastel-y news – we have these – flower buds. These are, apparently – actual flower buds – preserved in resin.With a little bail to hang them and a few decorative dots. I
actually thought they were lampwork at first, but they are very light, and the actual flower bud idea seems realistic.

s72430 Resin Charm -  Flower Bud - Peachy (2)s72431 Resin Charm -  Flower Bud - Pale Rose (2)s72432 Resin Charm -  Flower Bud - Deep Rose (2)s72433 Resin Charm -  Flower Bud - Strawberry Pink (2)s72434 Resin Charm -  Flower Bud - Bluebell Blue (2)

You might want to make some earrings with these very cute heart with a hole studs.

s72436 Earring -  Flat Heart Stud - Stainless Steel (2 pairs)

BTW – last week’s wings and flowers update led me to create these: The winged key and dragonflies are intended as Christmas tree ornaments, and the flowers are, of course, earrings, dressed up with a few Swar. crystals from my stash.

In other news …

All the Split rings you will ever need.
From 4 to 10mm. Over 1,000 pcs.

s72424 Split Rings  - Assorted Sizes - Goldtone (Pack)s72424 Split Rings  - Assorted Sizes - Goldtone (Pack)

Oh, Moko Moko Tree, how lovely are your branches … Another cute Miyuki Beading Kit.

s72423 Kit -  Mascot Fan Miyuki Beading Kit - Moko Moko Tree

I Like Big Bead Caps, I cannot lie. These Deep Flowers are 10mm inside, and 20mm long!

s72425 Cone - ID 10mm Deep Flower - Bright Silver (2)s72426 Cone - ID 10mm Deep Flower - Antiqued Brass (2)s72429 Cone - ID 10mm Wide Flower - Antiqued Brass (5)

Clasps – Snek! Inside diameter, 6.5 mm, for gluing in cord, beaded rope, leather, etc.

s72427 Hook and Eye Clasp - ID 6.5mm Snake Head and Tail - Antiqued Silvers72428 Hook and Eye Clasp - ID 6.5mm Snake Head and Tail - Antiqued Brass

Tierracast – White Bronze to replace Bright Rhodium

Supply chain disruptions from the last two years have hit every where, especially in some surprising ways. Tierracast reports that:

Early this year the scarcity and resulting price spikes forced us to accept the reality that Rhodium plate could
not be a part of our future and we have been working hard to find a worthy replacement. After months of working closely with our vendor
partner, we are excited to let you know that we have inventory of our new White Bronze plated components ready for your jewelry making!

Rhodium has been a key part of our lineup since TierraCast was founded. This non-tarnishing alternative to our
fine silver plate worked wonderfully for components needing a non-antiqued bright silver finish. Replacing it and integrating an alternative
into our current stock has been no small task! Here’s how our White Bronze compares:

  • Less expensive than Rhodium.
  • Tarnish resistant and durable – actually, wear tests showed that the White Bronze plate wore equal to our Rhodium plate.
  • Looks virtually the same so can be used side by side with Rhodium – We conducted blind tests and could not detect any visible difference
    between the two finishes.
  • As with Rhodium, this finish does not currently pass the EU Nickel wear standards.

What is White Bronze?
White Bronze is a tri-metal alloy of tin, copper and zinc. Initially the chemical plating processes of white bronze were difficult to control,
but over the past two decades techniques have improved and white bronze has become a consistent, high performing and economically attractive
alloy option.

You will see us roll out the White
as we need to restock the former Bright Rhodium.

tc94-5815-70 Metal Bead / Bail -  Hammered Guru Bead - White Bronzetc94-5736-70 Cone Tall Hammered - 12.5mm - White Bronzetc94-5720-70 Findings - Bead Caps - 8mm Plain Bead Aligner - White Bronze (10)tc94-3119-70 Metal Link - ID 12mm Beaded Rivoli Setting - White Bronzetc94-3086-70 Link - 13mm Hammered Flat Round Ring - White Bronzetc94-3085-70 Link - Small Hammered Flat Round Ring - White Bronzetc94-3081-70 Link - 10x13mm Hammered Ovals - White Bronzetc94-2540-70 Charm/Pendant - 12mm Hammered Bezel Rivoli (1122) Mount - White Bronze


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