Focus back to beading!

I’m bringing my focus back to beading. At least for now! I have a habit of getting my fingers in too many pies, but I am trying to behave. Remember that I said “trying”!

If you could see my beading space right now, you would know what I mean. My beads have exploded all over the place! They need a firm hand! Could I hire a bead wrangler? Do I need an intervention? Ha! I wouldn’t pay attention, but it’s always an option.

I took a good look at some of my outstanding projects, then realized that I needed to concentrate on them for a while.

They have brought my focus back to beading, but my mind is fully occupied, dreaming up the next big thing. However, I think that I just need to show you what I’ve actually accomplished, since my last blog post.

I finished beading on my felted folly, or at least I’ve finished it for now! Everything about this piece makes me happy! I still need to make a small book to go inside it, but that will come later.

focus back to beading
focus back to beading

My free form peyote ‘Dancing’ piece, is a work in progress, although I still pick it up, when my muse allows.

focus back to beading
focus back to beading

I’ve started beading on the green, stitched orb that I showed you in previous blog posts. As usual, I thought that I was going to just throw on a few beads, but instead I’ve decided to bead a net of free form peyote connections. That will take much longer to do, but what else did I expect? I don’t do easy! Plus, I will be able to post it in both my Stitch Meditation, and Freeform Peyote Facebook groups, when I’m finished. All beads were purchased last week, from BeadFX. I’m sure that I have duplicates of some of them in my stash, but check back on my second paragraph. How would I ever know? Sheesh!

focus back to beading
I’ve only just begun!

My messy bead mat!

Not beading, but wire wrapping! I treated myself to an in-person, wire wrapped earring class, from Deborah Beesley. I enjoyed the class, and am pleased with my results! The earrings are light, easy-to-wear, and really quite unique! Sign-up, or even better, ask Amanda to put you on the waiting list. My earrings are no longer on the schedule, but Deborah does have a hoop earring class that looks interesting.

Aren’t these little books fun? They’re from my Cherryl Moote, November bookmaking class. The next step will be stitching signatures into some of them. I love the Gelli printed covers on these wee beauties!! Gelli printing is so much fun!

A little different!
This one is an ‘oops’, because I forgot to trim the paper to size.

My focus back to beading is going quite well, but now I need to focus on jewelry making, designing new classes for 2022, and the upcoming holiday season. Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends! I wish you safe travels, good company, and full bellies!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!


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