November 2021 Bead Mat Update: Well sort of!

My November 2021 bead mat update is a little late! Not only that, but I didn’t take any photographs on my bead mat, and my beading projects, are a little sparse.

But that doesn’t really matter, because I’m going with it anyway!

This project has consumed my time, so should be first up on my November 2021 bead mat update. It’s the free form peyote beading that I stitched onto my latest green orb. It was quite labour intensive, so ate up most of my discretionary beading time, and didn’t leave me a lot of time to make anything else.

This is where I started:

I love green and dark blue together, so decided that I would take a hint from that small bit of blue, and bead in those colours. The main colour would be blue, with little ‘pops’ of green to pull it all together.

I was thinking of either free form peyote, or free form netting. I decided to go with the FF peyote, but with a netting type of twist. Large open areas were a must, and I struggled hard to stop myself from over-beading. I think that I accomplished my goal!

November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update
November 2021 bead mat update

It’s the first day of December, and I considered making this post all about holiday gifts. I don’t have any made yet, and won’t reveal photos before the big day, but I will discuss possibilities.

Snowflakes are always popular, and this is a leftover from last year. Constructed with Crystal Lane Twisted Bead Strands and the Dazzle It Wire Snowflake armatures. Hang them on a tree, tie them to a parcel, or decorate the neck of your favourite beverage! They’re a little large for earrings, but who am I to say?

November 2021 bead mat update

These resin, flower bud charms have been flying out the door, but I grabbed a few for myself before they vanished completely. I started making a little something, but didn’t like the look, so had to return to the drawing board. Earrings are the obvious choice, but wouldn’t they make a cute charm bracelet? Perhaps I need to grab a few more.

My hands get itchy, and I have the bad habit of falling asleep on the couch, if I don’t have anything ready to stitch. So, I grabbed one of my wool felt dryer balls, cut up some denim scraps, then proceeded to stitch. This one will not be beaded, but I might include a few surprises, when I get to the embellishment stage. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I promise to keep you updated. By the way, stretchy denim stitches up like a dream, and this is only the beginning. Another homage to Stitch Meditations, and the slow stitching movement.

I’m planning on teaching my stitched/embellished orbs at BeadFX, at the end of January (not on the schedule yet), but soon, so watch this space. I decided to take some preliminary photos for the write-up. What do you think of this group of three?

That’s it for my November 2021 bead mat update, but it’s not the end of my holiday gift-giving plans. I do have ideas, but as usual, didn’t start on them early enough. Sigh! Are you planning on making some of your holiday gifts? You know they’re the best kind, but if you can’t, please think about purchasing something from one of your local artists. The past couple of years has been tough on them! Meanwhile, I’ll be busy dreaming up something to talk to you about next week.

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!


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