Bead on it Boards, Metal Filigree, & Evil Eyes

December is here. Where did the last year go? I mean, really? How is it December?

First up – New Bead on it Boards. Same sizes – new patterns. It looks like every time we restock – it’s new fabrics. So, if you like these, but think you’ll wait – umm, don’t wait too long, m’kay? We have the much-ooooo’d over Jade Dragon, the blue themed Sea Turtles, the happy contrasty Dragonflies, and the bright and cheerful Poppy Fields. A fresh board is a nice little pick-me up. 😉

s72450 Bead on it Board - 6in/15cm Square - Jade Dragons72449 Bead on it Board - 6in/15cm Square - Sea Turtless72451 Bead on it Board - 6in/15cm Square - Dragonfliess72454 Bead on it Board - 6in/15cm Square - Poppy Fields

We had quite the discussion about the sizes of these at the latest virtual bead tea. The 11×17 is big enough for a lap board, but can be hard
to find table space for it, if your table is a towering pile of stuff, like mine. Nice for laying out complex projects though. The 8×14 is a
good useful size, easier to jam onto the edge of the table, and big enough for a single project if not too complex, or 3, if you are used to
working in the midst of chaos. The little square ones are good for travel, or being mobile around the house. Or having multiple projects on the
go. 😉

Are you lookin’ at me? Are YOU lookin’ at ME? The classic evil eye beads. These handmade glass beads represent the eye of the gods and is said
to repel jealousy, bad fortune, and bring blessings and good luck. Very powerful juju. Strands of 38 or pack of 5, depending on how much juju you need.

s72470 Glass Flat Round - 9.5mm - Evil Eye (5)

Metal Filigree

Last but not Least – metal filigree. Metal stamped into filigree patterns that you can use to base your creativity on. Or form it, link it, dangle it, mount it, wire it, rivet, stitch, glue, or otherwise integrate.

You can bend them, cut them, paint them, stain them.

s72459 Metal Filigree - 58mm Flying Triangle - Antique Bronze (5)s72464 Metal Filigree - 16mm Waterlily - Antique Bronze (2)s72466 Metal Filigree - 73mm Epaulette - Antique Bronze (2)s72468 Metal Filigree - 76mm Corner Triangle - Antique Bronze (2)s72469 Metal Filigree - 60mm Flower Disk - Antique Bronze (2)

Here’s a couple of ideas I’ve been playing with. In both, I have added some color using some of the Pebeo Porcelaine 150 paints (which we do
not carry – but lots of you have them, or something similar, anyway.)

s72469 Metal Filigree - 60mm Flower Disk - Antique Bronze (2)s72468 Metal Filigree - 76mm Corner Triangle - Antique Bronze (2)

And actually last – also not least, but possibly smallest –  Rose Montees – rhinestones in metal fittings with an + shaped back – so you
can stitching them in multiple directions. Very nifty addition to your beadweaving. These are ss12, or around 3mm, so small enough to work in bead weaving patterns.

s72435 Sew-on Rhinestones - ss12 Rose Montees - Crystal (72pcs approx)

The In-stock Swarovskis are all 40% off

We’d like to clear them out to make room for incoming items. Even the bicones are now 40% off. Mostly just big ones left now. Might as well get them while you can! You know you’ll use them.

s48703 Swarovski Bead - 6mm Faceted Bicone (5301/5328) - Blush Rose (12)s48681 Swarovski Bead - 8mm Faceted Bicone (5301/5328) - Indian Red (6)

And, of course, don’t forget the Manager’s Specials! Some items as much as 70% off!

We are always happy to combine orders – and if it bumps you up to free shipping – excellent – we combine them
automatically and refund the difference.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Feel free to just email us and ask!

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