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Chandelier parts! No – seriously – actual crystals from a purchase we made from a retired chandelier repairman’s stock. These are Asfour Crystals – a legendary chandelier company from Egypt – they make chandeliers fit for a palace.

These juicy, sparkly crystals are the real deal – these are actual “full lead” crystal. Some things to know about lead crystal:

  • it is not toxic waste
  • the lead leaches out in acid conditions, so don’t drop the crystals into your wine
  • it is heavier than regular glass (cuz – lead!)
  • it is prone to scratching, so please consider this when using

s72588 Asfour Crystal - 65mm Faceted Octagon + Drop - Crystals72587 Asfour Crystal - 14mm Faceted Octagon - Chain - Crystal (40inches)s72589 Asfour Crystal - 38mm Faceted Drop - Crystal (2)s72590 Asfour Crystal - 30mm Faceted Ball - Crystal

s72585 Asfour Crystal - 12mm Faceted Octagon - 2 Holes - Crystal (25)s72586 Asfour Crystal - 14mm Faceted Octagon - 2 Holes - Jet (25)s72591 Asfour Crystal - 60mm Dimpled Disk - Crystals72593 Asfour Crystal - 75mm Trapezoid + Octagon - Crystal

We tried to stick to getting crystals for you that we thought would be on the smaller side, but even so, some of these are pretty chunky, even for me. But what awesome sun catchers they will make!

And if you are still scratching your head, wondering what to do with such crystals – check out this pinterest board of jewelry all made with chandelier crystals. Of particular interest are the ones where an image has been decoupaged on to the flat side of the crystal. Veddy interesting ideas! Of course, be careful looking at pinterest – as you may go down a rabbit hole of looking at this, that, and the other, and emerge hours later with absolutely nothing done. 😉

In other crystal-y news, we got some Chaton Montees – The chaton montees are the ones with the cup with 4 holes, holding a pointed back stone (a chaton.) (The other style is the rose montee – with the cross channel on the back – with a flatback stone in it. Lower profile.) We got 4mm and 3mm. Very cool for bead embroidery.

s72573 Sew-on Rhinestones - 4mm Chaton Montees - Crystal (1440)s72574 Sew-on Rhinestones - 3mm Chaton Montees - Crystal (1440)

These are bigger, with a fancier setting, but similar idea. With a 10mm stone, these will certainly have more impact!

s72571 Sew-on Rhinestones - 12mm Filigree Mount - Aqua - Silver (2)s72572 Sew-on Rhinestones - 14.5mm Filigree Mount - Crystal - Silver (2)

Cheers – stay safe!

The Bead Muse muses  on the element of surprise!

The Bead Muse Muses Musely

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