A Moment in Time – But still standing tall!

A moment in time is all it takes to change this crazy world of ours, and that is not a good thing. My energy, beading, and stitch meditations, will focus on the current state of affairs, and hope for an early resolution.

I’m finally back in the saddle again! I taught my first beading class last Saturday, and a good time was had by all. It was a Coral Fringe Tassel, and I’m happy to say that my reduced size class was full. Students are more comfortable with the idea of getting back into the classroom, and I couldn’t be happier to see their smiling eyes (not lips of course, because masks were in use for the duration of the class).

The finished samples that I brought to class.

a moment in time

I finished this tassel during the class. but I did start some of the components earlier, so I would be able to demo the final stages to my students.

I love the tassel, but I must admit that the oval bead, at the top, is a bit of a blooper! I worked on it, a couple of evenings ago, while watching TV. The lesson I learned, was that even though I thought the oval bead was a close colour match, it was not, due to the low light conditions (it’s greenish, rather than blue/grey’ish). LOL! No worries though, because I’ll just search for a new focal bead, then take it apart. I know that I have a few pieces of Labradorite kicking about, but I was just too lazy to look for them.

Another UFO (unfinished object) on the “to do” pile. I love it, but my muse might want it to become part of a larger project. What do you think?

I wanted something simple to do, while watching the distressing news on TV, so decided to work on a simply stitched, ribbon of fabric. It calmed my mind! The piece is 1” wide, by around 24” long, and has no other purpose.

a moment in time
a moment in time

My “Dancing” piece, had not been worked on for a while, but I spent a couple of evenings, meditating on that as well (another type of Stitch Meditation).

a moment in time

My 100 Day Project is on track, and I’m having fun working on my 100 Days of Play for 2022!

a moment in time
A Sunflower, for the Ukraine!

Although this piece was made in 2009, I feel that it’s relevant to the current situation. The sunflower photos were taken at the end of the season, so although they had seen better days, were still standing tall and proud. Giving up was not an option! I collaged the background, distressed the photos, covered everything with a polyester sheer, free-motion stitched the piece, then destroyed the top layer of sheer with my heat gun.

a moment in time
More Sunflowers!

As individuals, we can watch the horrors unfold, but are powerless to put an end to them. Please join with me to stitch, and meditate on peace. My thoughts, and prayers are with you all!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!


  1. Deborah Beesley

    I haven’t quite finished my coral tassel project, but I’m close. I too had a small mishap as I scratched my painted bead cap and will have to do a little repair. I did manage to pack quite a few branches in my bead cap, so it is nice and full.
    Just a shout out to say it was a fun class and a great group of gals! Thanks, Anne Marie.

  2. Anne Marie

    Thanks Deborah! I always enjoy teaching in-person classes, and it was definitely a great group, with very positive energy.

    I’m glad that you’re almost finished, but sad about your bead cap. Were you able to fix it? For the future, I suggest that you coat it with some type of glaze, varnish, or protector for metal, otherwise the acrylic paint will more than likely scratch off. We do carry the Vintaj Glaze, but seem to be out of stock at the moment. If you’re coming into the store in the next while, call me and I’ll make another suggestion.

    I’ve been researching painting metal, and plan to do some experimenting in the near future. Watch for it!

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