Take it One Day at a Time!

One day at a time, is a mantra that I’ve adopted for the world’s current state of affairs. I need that to help me deal with all the negative news. The world is crazy, people are suffering, and I’m having a hard time focusing on day-to-day issues. But life must go on, so I keep repeating “one day at a time” to myself.

There are lots of way to cope with stress, and making art of any sort (or even just working with your hands), will help to calm your mind. I have an overabundant stash of stitch, bead, and art materials. So, I’m trying to distract myself by deep diving, then wallowing in my pretties! It doesn’t always work, but it does help.

Other than the small item below, I confess to doing absolutely zero beading last week! So, instead I will show you a jumble of seldom worn necklaces. They never really go out of style, but I just forget to wear them. I don’t think that they always complement my casual style, but I’m trying to make an effort to wear more jewelry, so I’ve been digging into the jewelry box. After all, I do work at BeadFX!

take it one day at a time

I pulled out my needle felting supplies, and made this little piece, in yellow, and blue. I have done similar pieces before (mainly tucked away in bezels), but never in this particular colour scheme. Perhaps not spot on, but it does remind me of the colours of the Ukrainian flag.

take it one day at a time
Flowers for Ukraine!

Felting + stitching + beads, oh my!

I’ve been captured by the 100 Day Project again. As always, paper, and fibre collage will play a huge part, but I’ll also pull out my drawing/painting materials, and even include a few surprises (don’t ask me what, because I don’t know yet).

take it one day at a time
take it one day at a time
take it one day at a time
I made the leaf shape out of an empty coffee pod!
A little Stitch Meditation, but how the heck did that speck get into my photograph!

More flowers for Ukraine!

The beauty of working on this project, is that I can do absolutely anything that I want to. It refreshes me, but also helps to identify areas that I might like to focus on in the future. I think of these pieces as palette cleansers, little doodles, sometimes Stitch Meditations, and also quick projects that I can complete in one evening (or over a couple of days, if I’m using wet media).

I do not overthink them, they’re totally intuitive, and I promise to show you every single one that I complete.The good, the bad, and the ugly!! I have no shame, and have given up on striving for perfection. Allow yourself to fail, learn from your mistakes, and I promise that you will grow!

My artist friend Cherryl Moote hosted a Zoom session last Sunday, showing a group of us how to make her version of a Mandela. I promise that no compass, or protractor was required (because you know that reminds me of math class)! They’re very calming, and a wonderful way to deal with stress and anxiety. If you’re interested in learning more, Cherryl has generously posted two free videos on You Tube. Part 1 (she forgot to turn on the Zoom recording, so filmed this the following day); and Part 2 (after she remembered to start recording the actual Zoom session). Dig out a pen, and some smooth paper, and you’re good to go!

My first two pieces! They’re far from perfect, but it just doesn’t matter! Honestly, it’s just like doodling, but in a more contained format. If you’re into Zentangle, you’ll be ahead of the game, but really you just use lines, and everyone can draw a line!

I’m imagining Sunflowers!

Next time, I will spend more time, and focus on my breathing.

I promised myself one day at a time, so that’s it for this blog post! Tomorrow is another day, and my goal for next week, is to bead a little more. I encourage you to give yourself a news break, and just do something! Handwork of any type, is known to relieve stress levels.

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, get vaccinated, and pray for peace!

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