I Have Nothing to Say!

I have nothing to say, because it’s hard to stay positive when people are still suffering in a needless war! I’m trying to keep this blog post art related, but as I feel myself drifting towards the other narrative, I’ll try to be good.

If you check out Dwyn’s post here, you’ll see that BeadFX is doing what we can, to help in our own beady way. The quick response from our customers has been amazing, and we dearly thank you for your contributions.

Now on to another topic! With Rosemary’s encouragement, I decided to focus my thoughts, and make a small bead journal, in the colours of the Ukrainian flag. It’s far from finished, but I thought that you might like to see an in-progress shot. To be fair, it all started out when Rosemary decided that she wanted to make a sunflower brooch in those same colours. She got me going, but I think that she’s still searching for her components! Heh, heh!!

 I have nothing to say

This little meditation carries my wishes for hope, and peace!

Yes, those are Swarovski Bi-cones, and Rounds in Yellow Opal, one of the few colours that we actually have left. I think that they make a fabulous Sunflower (the national flower of the Ukraine), don’t you? The piece is 2” x 2”, and I’m not quite sure what it will be when it grows up. Do you have any ideas?

I’m moving right along on my 100 Day Project, and have now finished 30 pieces. Yikes! That’s 30 days, with only 70 more left to go. It’s a little tough, with all that’s going on around me, but I’m determined to see it through. However, I have given myself permission to take a short break, if I really need it!

Here the latest crop!

 I have nothing to say
Flowers for Ukraine!
 I have nothing to say
 I have nothing to say
 I have nothing to say
Rust + tea + walnut ink (homemade)!

As usual these days, I’m a little short on new beaded pieces, but I thought that I would show you another retro one. It’s a little Bead Journal Project (BJP) leaf (part of a series of twelve), that I made after a trip to Vancouver.

The barnacles are real!

This weekend, I need to do some homework, and write up notes for my Embellished Orbs class. That means that I will need to start stitching on a brand, spanking new orb! I believe the class (on the 26th) is full, but there is a waiting list if anyone is interested.

Okay, I did say some things, but I must admit that my brain is a little fried. The 100 Day Project is helping, but I do need to do some creative communing with my beads! How about you? How are you dealing with the state of the world? If you need a little jump-start to get going, don’t forget that we have a sale running, until March 23rd. Bead therapy is the latest thing! Oh, who am I kidding, we all know that we’ve been buying, and stashing beads for years, and we’re still motivated!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, get vaccinated, and pray for peace!

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