Working in the centre of the Bead-A-Verse!

You might think that working in the centre of the bead-a-verse (aka BeadFX) is an easy job! But, I’m here to say that it’s definitely not! Just ask my co-workers!!

You are always surrounded by sparkly temptation!!! Not only that, but you are also surrounded by creative beaders, whose pieces are positively drool worthy. Also, what about cashing out someone, who has just purchased that string of semi-precious, that you’ve been lusting over for weeks? Rats! Then, how about the weekly updates? You don’t even know that you want something, until you spot it on the Thursday morning update. Temptation is real, and if we’re talking new semi-precious, the competition is fierce!

What’s a girl to do? Did you know that beading, and building your stash, are actually two different hobbies (err, obsessions)? That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

Okay, enough with the whining, it’s time to get on with today’s blog post!

I’m still not doing that much beading, but I am trying. I recently purchased a few more of Dwyn’s smaller lampwork beads, and actually started playing with them (wire-wrapped loops). Nothing is finished, but I think that I do like where these are going.

working in the centre of the bead-a-verse

I expect that the blue bead, with the silver foil, will work with the larger pendant (of the same colour), that I showed you in last week’s blog post. I haven’t actually auditioned them together, but I will shortly. I’ve also purchased some silvery-grey pearls, that I hope to incorporate into the necklace as well. We will see!

The trio of beads (wire-wrapped, of course), will be kept simple, with the addition of silver chain, and a nice clasp. This one will be on the shorter side.

Those soft pink beads (and I’m not really a pink person), are just asking to become earrings, with the addition of sparkle, and some Sterling Silver findings. I thought that I could finish them for today, but didn’t have the right size of bead caps.

I want to finish this Chrysocolla necklace, but I’m stuck for inspiration. I have two pendants that I thought would work, but they don’t!! Now it’s back to the drawing board!!

working in the centre of the bead-a-verse
I love my pewter hedgehog! It was purchased years ago, at a sadly closed quilt store.

Enough of the beads already! Now on to my 100 Day Project!

working in the centre of the bead-a-verse
working in the centre of the bead-a-verse
working in the centre of the bead-a-verse
working in the centre of the bead-a-verse

Here’s a shot of my first 50 pieces, all snug in their box! Whew! Only 50 more to go!

I had to stare at my Embellished Orb for a while, before deciding how (or if), I was going to stitch any further. As you can see, I’m now committed, so you will be seeing more progress by next week.

Working in the centre of the bead-a-verse isn’t really all that bad, if you keep the blinders on, and leave your credit/debit card at home. Chuckle! Of course, that won’t stop me for long, but it’s the thought that counts, isn’t it? Which beady delights have you been lusting after lately, and what’s stopping you from going for it? Just asking!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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