Crescents & Moons

Designed by Dwyn Tomlinson

I thought I would give the crescents – the 2 hole crescent beads a try. I also had some candy beads on my bead mat, and the next thing you know – I had come up with this! Super simple, but remarkable elegant. I’ve been enjoying wearing it non-stop since I made it!


Stringing is very easy. Using fireline and a needle, I strung on a stop bead (go twice through a largish bead, which acts as a stopper, and can be easily removed later), and then start with:

  • 1 11/0 seed bead
  • 1 crescent (being careful to always choose the left hole, with the points toward me)
  • 1 11/0
  • 1 candy bead (also always choosing the left hole, with the dome upwards on the bead mat.)

Repeat, until long enough. 15 repetitions, and ending with a crescent and an 11/0 gave me exactly 7 inches, which was perfect, with 3/4 inch added by the clasp.

Then, add 5 more 11/0 seedbeads to make a loop at the end, and come back through the right hand holes (the empty holes) of all the beads, putting an 11/0 in between each one.

Finish off with 5 more beads – to make a 6 bead loop at the end, and knot the line to the tail.

Put a jump ring through each loop, add a magnetic clasp – and you are done. Make sure those jump rings are closed tight, as thread can weasel it’s way through some pretty small gaps.

Scroll down for list of components.

It even looks cool on the reverse side.


Black 6lb fireline

needle – #10 or #12

Candy Beads – 8mm Crystal Sliperit

Crescents Gold

11/0 seedbeads Dark Bronze

jump rings Honestly – use what you have on hand

clasp low profile and easy to do up, but if you have something else you prefer – go for it.

All of this, of course, can be changed to suit your color preference.

All the Candy Beads here

All the Crescents here.

Cheers – let me know in the comments if you like it!

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