Hello Dolly – and a few other things!

Hello Dolly was a theme of sorts, when I was teaching my “Natures Garden”, Beaded Art Doll class at BeadFX, several years back.

I always had a fascination with Beaded Art Dolls (BAD), stemming back to an old Yahoo group of the same name (which eventually morphed, kicking and screaming, over to a Facebook group). I lurked on there for years (and am still lurking), before stitching my very first doll. Of course, after the first one, I had to create a workshop, then ended up designing, stitching, and stuffing countless BAD’s, for my students. Including the wool doll form as part of the kit fee made perfect sense, because it allowed my students to immediately immerse themselves in the ‘good stuff’, a.k.a. colour, beads, and shopping!

A trio of dolls! As you can see, anything goes!

Intuitive beading, on a three-dimensional form, creates a whole new set of problems. All of a sudden, you are forced to stitch on the surface, and at times squeeze your needle/thread into impossibly awkward spaces. But there are work-arounds for those situations, which include curved beading needles, and piercing all the way through the doll form, with the needle/thread. Not a problem if you’re going to bead encrust your doll, but might be a problem if you are not!

Beaded art dolls are an interesting challenge, and if anyone is interested in giving it a go, let Amanda (our class coordinator) know, and I’ll schedule another workshop. But I warn you, these dolls are very loud, and totally addicting!

hello dolly
This is the doll that started it all, and the form that I hand out in my “Nature’s Muse” workshop. I love her!
hello dolly
She’s a little crazy, but I love her too!
hello dolly
This is the only form that I did not design. I purchased it from the Administrator of the Beaded Art Doll group.
hello dolly
hello dolly
hello dolly

By the way, stuffing doll forms is not my favourite type of entertainment, but for you, and the sake of art, I will suffer in silence (well maybe not all that silent)! I personally designed each, and every one of my doll forms, but only offer one type to my students.

I was a little adrift last week, so pulled out my “The Magpies Nest” handmade book, from my class with Aimee Irel Bishop. When I finished binding the book, I knew that there was a lot more work to be done, and I’m still having fun playing with it. This book is a visual journal of sorts, and I’m enjoying working with stitch, paint, and pen, to enhance the ton of mark-making already present in the constructed book. It’s a case of more, is more, and I doubt that I will every truly be finished. It’s a labour of love! I warn you; the following is photo intensive.

hello dolly

I do have lots of plans, but the only other project I worked on last week, was a redesign of one of my necklaces from a while back. It originally included thin leather straps, but the flat leather I chose, did not end up a good option as it was glued over a core, and eventually came unglued. Plus, it had a strand of chain, that never seemed to stay in the right place, so I removed it. I replaced the leather, with an interesting chain, and I’m happy with the results. Of course, the new chain is a little too long, because I didn’t measure, and forgot that I had purchased extra. No worries, because I will just shorten it before wearing. A simple fix!

I purchased this book, by Shelley Rhodes in 2019, then forgot all about it. It’s really quite wonderful, and I’m thoroughly enjoying my reading it again. As a matter of fact, it’s giving me some ideas (of course). Oh dear, more projects to start!!

Look for it on Amazon, or other booksellers!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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