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She took one last look in the mirror, checked her crown was on straight, and ducked through the door, and proceeded down the hall. She tried not to lumber. Lumbering was not
dignified, and she was, after all, the model of a modern Dragon Queen. She had put aside the ways of her grandmothers, moved from the roomy, comfy mountains to this benighted castle with its ridiculously low doorways, narrow halls, and tiny rooms. Her human guards had dropped in behind her for the walk to the main hall, but walked carefully, avoiding the swishing of her tail as she thought about the upcoming trial.

She was a progressive dragon, after
all – ruling the humans with fairness and grace. She never ate the petitioners any more, and almost never roasted them with dragon fire. Today, however, might be an exception. Her tail gave a particularly vicious snap, and there was a muffled “oof” from behind her. She ignored it. The behaviour of her royal advisors, the Treasurer, Grand Visier, and the OPO, was almost treasonous, and she fumed, building up fire as she walked.

The entrance to the main hall / throne room had been built large – so here, at least, she did not need to duck. She swept into the room, the halls lined with ceremonial guards, and up to the throne. The throne had been completely redesigned to fit her, with a slot for her tail, so that she could slide in gracefully. Stopping to stuff one’s tail into a chair had,
she had discovered, killed the sense of dignity and power that she was striving for.

She settled in, with a studied casualness, leaned on one forearm, and slowly drummed her claws. She paused, snorted a little smoke ring, and nodded to the herald standing to her left.

With a flourish, he unrolled a scroll and read:

“In the matter of the case of the Royal Treasurer, The Grand Vizier and the Official Procurement Officer, who stand accused of concealing information from the Queen.”

He snapped the scroll shut, and nodded to the head of the guards, a rather smallish troll, by troll standards, but still enormous by human standards. The troll rumbled,
and the doors at the end of hall were opened, and three humans were escorted, or perhaps carried upright was a better description. They were brought up the hallway to a slightly crazed and darkened circle on the marble floor. The guards released them, and stepped judiciously back. Out of range, so to speak.

She watched them for a moment, letting the tension build – her green-gold eyes glowing. Her three, formerly trusted, officers tried to pull themselves together, twitching at their robes, running fingers through their hair. They had been pulled from their beds in the middle of the night for this audience, and one of them had his official robes on inside-out.

“You,” she said, “stand accused of conspiracy – concealing information from me that is of vital importance.

How do you plead?”

The three of them exchanged glances, and for a moment, she thought they were going to deny it. That would have been fun.

Then the tall one, Sir Mandra, seemed to straighten, and spoke, “Your majesty,” he seemed to gain a little confidence when he did not die a fiery death immediately.
“Your great and glorious-ness, She who shines with the light of the sun, whose every scale is a glittering -”

A snort and a ring of smoke from her royal self abruptly ended his oration on her glorious-ness.

“Umm – we were, um – not concealing it, per se, we, um, …” he struggled, and his two companions both spoke at the same time. “Supply chain issues” quavered Sir Airn, while the other, Lord B’knee said “we were planning a surprise.”

The Dragon Queen narrowed her eyes, the green-gold glow turned to orange fire,

“,” said the Dragon Queen, carefully pronouncing each word with the weight of a death sentence. Her experience of surprises usually involved waking
up from a century-long nap with spears sticking out of her and someone stealing her treasure. She was not fond of surprises. The dragon word for surprise was the same as ambush.

The doors to the hall banged open and a breathless page ran through. He hammered down the length of the hallway, stopped beside the hapless accused and bent double, hands on knees, and wheezed out, “The caravan has arrived.”

The Dragon Queen paused, the red mist had started to come down across her vision, but she fought it, “I am a modern Dragon Queen,” she repeated in her head, “Listen
first, hear them out, before the fire from the snout.” She repeated her mantra until the orange glow faded.

“Yes, yes, oh saints yes” the three accused clasped each other and hugged.

The wheezing runner moved to the side, eyeing the smokey circle on the marble. “They are coming up directly.”

A murmur ran around the room. Somehow, most of the court had managed to slip into the now almost full hall, for a ring side seat at what was assumed to be a royal roasting. The caravan was on its way up? What did that mean?

There was a noise echoing from the still open hall doors, a clip-clopping noise, a ringing noise of marching boots, and singing.

“We are the dwarves that make the beads.
We have the beads for all your needs.

We bring Delicas, number 10s|
Better than a Lambo or Mercedes Benz”

A procession marched through the doors, there were donkeys and camels, laden with enormous sacks tied on with rope, lead by dwarves marching in step. Their armor and boots were dusty – but their axes were polished like mirrors.

“Galvanized Duracoat in colors so shiny
Luminous and Picasso, for the lady so spiny”

They marched to a halt, and stopped with a flourish, the donkeys stopped and immediately started nuzzling their handlers for treats, but the camels looked around the room as
if they had seen better, and one let out the sort of disdainful braying noise that only a camel can make.

“Glorious colors from all the rainbow,
Here for the Dragon Queen whose eyes glow,” the dwarves chanted and then stopped.

With a flourish and in perfect unison, they stepped to the sides of their beasts of burden, and they all unslung their gleaming axes. As one, the razor sharp blades glinting
in the torch light. There was a collective gasp from the room as the blades swung through the air, followed by a sound like rain, as the sacks were split open, and thousands, no millions, no zillions of tiny glass beads poured like sand from the loads, spilling onto the castle floor in a cascade of color.

Like a moth drawn to a flame, like needle drawn to a magnet, in one sinuous movement, the Dragon Queen flowed out of the throne, down the steps to the piles of glittering
gem-like beads, pouring onto the floor. The donkeys stood placidly, but the camels fought their handlers and tried to dance away, multiple dwarves hanging from their halters. She ignored them. She ran her claws through the piles of beads – the colors sparkling.

She turned to the three accused, still huddling in the center of the room. “This,” she waved a clawed hand at the piles of color, “This was the conspiracy?”

“Yes, your majesty,” one of them squeaked.

“There were new colors of Delica 10/0s and you did not tell me?” Her voice was quiet and deadly calm. It was more frightening than if she had been raging.

“Please, your majesty,” they said, with one voice, “We wanted to bring them all in at once.”

She narrowed her eyes, “I’ve been waiting for these, waiting and wondering, and you kept saying, ‘Supply chain issues.’ But you’ve been holding out on me?”

“No, no, your gloriousness – we thought you would enjoy having them all at once, instead of one or two at a time.”

Lord B’knee stepped forward, an act of bravery that would be remembered for a long time. “Please, your majesty, is this not fabulous?” He waved a hand at the piles of
glittering treasures. “But if not, strike down me alone, for this was my idea – a way to surprise and delight you.”

“I do not find anything delightful about a surprise,” the Dragon Queen intoned, but she ran her eyes around the room, at the procession, and the piles of beads, “But, I
will say that I am amused.”

“And more than that, I will be very amused to see you pick up and sort every last one of these beads.”

And some of the folks who were there that momentous day, swore they saw a twinkle in the Dragon Queen’s eye, and even a twitch of a smile.

New Delica 10/0s in fabulous colors.

Galvanized Duracoat in gleaming metallics …

dbm1833 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Yellow Gold [Duracoat] (Tube)dbm1836 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Muscat [Duracoat] (Tube)dbm1837 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Pink Blush [Duracoat] (Tube)dbm1839 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Dark Coral [Duracoat] (Tube)

Luminous in knock-your-socks-off colors

dbm2032 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Luminous Sun Glow (Tube)dbm2032 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Luminous Sun Glow (Tube)dbm2035 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Luminous Wild Strawberry (Tube)dbm2038 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Luminous Plum Crazy (Tube)

and mottled, earthy Picasso.

dbm2261 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Smoky Black Picasso (Tube)dbm2262 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Canary Yellow Picasso (Tube)dbm2264 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Seafoam Green Picasso (Tube)dbm2263 Delicas - 10/0 Japanese Cylinders - Matte Opaque Red Garnet Picasso (Tube)

Also new – more choices of Artificial Sinew.

Sinew was traditionally made with animal tendon or even intestine! Today’s artificial sinew is made of waxed polyester, and unlike natural sinew, can be cut to any length. Sinew is ideal for stitching leather together, making dream catchers and even beading! The waxed coating protects against deterioration and drying which makes it ideal for items that will have lots of wear. A strand of sinew is quite wide and flat and very thin, however it can be spit down into 3 or 5 smaller strands. Traditional First Nations crafts like caribou tufting use sinew to tack down the caribou hair, it is also traditionally used to sew moccasins and mukluks together. Sinew can be used in any project where you need a very strong waxed thread, like bead embroidery with larger beads, edging bead embroidery pieces and even bead stringing. And, Adam Savage loves it. 😉

75623026-10 Artificial Sinew -  Flat - Natural (800ft Spool)75623026-05 Artificial Sinew -  Flat - Black (800ft Spool)75623026-06 Artificial Sinew -  Flat - White (800ft Spool)75623026-08 Artificial Sinew -  Flat - Turquoise (800ft Spool)

Cymbals – Magrathea – no, Magrat?
Margarita? No …Maratha! Maratha Cymbal findings – these work with Carrier Beads – they are wedge shaped – solid metal (quite weighty, actually),

s75265 Cymbal Finding -  Maratha - Carrier - Gold Plated (5)s75266 Cymbal Finding -  Maratha - Carrier - Rose Gold (5)s75267 Cymbal Finding -  Maratha - Carrier - Antiqued Silver (5)

and look very handsome. You can see here I am starting a piece that I think I will call “Mid-Century Modern.” - your bead store with more

Cheers – stay safe!

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