Fragments of the Past – Could spark future projects!

Fragments of the past, often lead to new works in the future. Of course, I haven’t been doing much bead embroidery lately, but it has been on my mind, so all I need to do is jump start the project.

The following two photos, are samples from two of my past workshops. Surprisingly enough, despite the fact that I love all of the pieces, I don’t remember ever actually wearing them. Do you find that happens with some of your work? I find that I tend to wear fairly simple jewelry, and oftentimes, no jewelry at all. Isn’t that crazy?

This first trio, also includes thread embroidery.

fragments of the past

The second, some shell bits that I found in a home store. Not showing, because it was stolen out of my classroom (and I’m still angry at that), was my favourite. It had an actual pearl embedded in one of the shells. Why do people do that?

fragments of the past

The above bead embroidery is fairly organized for me, but perhaps it’s because I won’t allow myself to go too wild, on these small pendants. They’re just too precious!

As for the future, or should I say a present project, I have big plans for one of those 100% Wool Balls that Dwyn introduced a few weeks back. No photos so far, because all I’ve done is add one handmade cabochon (that I picked up at a show), plus a polymer clay button that I made a few years back. Let’s just say that the muse is not cooperating yet, so it might take a while to kick it all into gear. But don’t worry, because I’m generally not out of either inspiration, or ideas for long.

I also have a few ideas for the 100% wool felt, but I’m trying not to start both projects simultaneously. This one will need to wait for a bit.

One of the projects in Louise Fletcher’s “Find Your Joy Taster 2022”, was to make an ugly painting, on purpose. Mine was so ugly, that I never showed it outside of that group. Last weekend, I decided to see what would happen if I covered it all up with white gesso, then splashed on liberal quantities of both acrylic ink, and water, then added a bit of permanent pen. I think that I like the results!

This class has closed, but I heard a rumour that there might be another one later in the year. Follow-up if you’re interested, because it was certainly a lot of fun.

fragments of the past

I’m starting to play around with some new products with my resin (I’ll let you know about them at a later date). They’re not quite there yet, but the results are starting to get interesting. Keep tuned for more experiments!

This represents two weeks of testing! There was actually a third week (the first), but the results for that were definitely underwhelming, so no photos to show.

fragments of the past
fragments of the past
Cool effect, right?

Here’s a sneak peek of something simple that I’ve been working on. You can expect to hear more about it soon. There might be even more news in the near future!

Another favourite mixed media book from Shelley Rhoades. This one is called “Fragmentation and Repair“, and it fascinates me on so many levels. I admit that get totally absorbed in the photos, so much so, that I often forget to read the words. If you’re a crazy, scrap hoarding, stitcher (like moi?), there are lot of interesting ideas in this book. I have big plans for distressing, and deconstructing stuff!!

I’ve been following Shelley for a few years, and am seriously jealous of both her style, and her collections!

Classes in the summer tend to be few and far between, but there’s still room in some of our July ones. Check them out if you’d like to beat the heat, and learn something new (or even re-learn something old).

That’s it for this blog post, and here’s hoping that my fragments of the past, will lead me into using more of my scraps, that will then take me into future projects. Don’t you just love the way that I’ve tied it all together? 😉 Keep cool!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated, because it’s not over yet!

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