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Teeny tiny stones. Awesome, adorable, dainty stone beads. Because – while I am personally a “go big or go home” kind of gal – I can also appreciate that you may not feel the same way. So for all of you who love dainty, delicate, gorgeous tiny beads – this week’s update of stone beads is for YOU.

Starting out with some Turquoise – from 2mm, 3mm, faceted, up to 4mm, and in different grades from A Grade with Matrix, to AA Grade. I love these strands with a variety of colors. Of course – it makes me want to buy all the strands and make a big, wide collar. Because even tiny can be big.

s75269 Stone Beads - 2x3mm Microfaceted Rondelle - Hubei Turquoise - Banded (16 inch strand)s75274 Stone Beads - 2mm Round - Hubei Turquoise A Grade w Matrix (16 inch strand)s75276 Stone Beads - 3mm Faceted Round - Hubei Turquoise A Grade w Matrix (16 inch strand)s75277 Stone Beads - 4mm Round - Hubei Turquoise AA Grade (16 inch strand)s75287 Stone Beads - 2mm Microfaceted Round - Hubei Turquoise - Banded (16 inch strand)

Tourmaline! Tourmaline! How I adore you! Again – I want them all! But a lovely simple strand of these could be your go-to necklace for going out, or staying in. Sweet and soft and sexy.

s75273 Stone Beads - 3mm Faceted Round - Tourmaline - Color Banded (16 inch strand)s75285 Stone Beads - 4mm Faceted Round - Tourmaline A Grade - Banded (16 inch strand)

Lapis lazuli – another of my faves – and one of the great things about the smaller beads – you can get better quality without straining the budget!

s75271 Stone Beads - 3mm Round - Lapis - A Grade (16 inch strand)s75272 Stone Beads - 4mm Round - Lapis Lazuli (16 inch strand)s75284 Stone Beads - 4x13mm Rectangle Tube - Lapis Lazuli (16 inch strand)

Also in a diminutive delight – 3mm Golden Rutilated Quartz. This is a mostly clear stone, with golden rutile in it – but it appears to be a largely yellow bead because it is strung on yellow thread. You can dramatically change the look of it by choosing a different color to string on!

s75270 Stone Beads - 3mm Round - Golden Rutilated Quartz (16 inch strand)

And in the not so tiny department – but definitely different – this Yellow Mookaite. You see this peanut buttery color usually in the bands of the various colors in Mookaite – this is the first time I have seen the beads cut to selectively favor this color. Your choice of 8mm in round, matte, or faceted.

s75279 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Yellow Mookaite (16 inch strand)s75280 Stone Beads - 8mm Faceted Round - Yellow Mookaite (16 inch strand)s75281 Stone Beads - 8mm Round - Matte Yellow Mookaite (16 inch strand)

And in the funky fun department – Chips of Botswana Agate or Blue Marbled Chalcedony (pronounced kal-SED-a-nee).

s75282 Stone Beads - 8-13mm Chips - Botswana Agate (16 inch strand)s75283 Stone Beads - 12-22mm Chips - Blue Marbled Chalcedony (16 inch strand)

In other news – the bulk Delica 11/0s in the metallic Galvanized Duracoat colors that we rolled out 2 weeks ago – and in the vials of size 10/0s last week – are now available in the 11/0s in tubes this week. Confused yet? Sorry about that. It just depends on what order they become available, and, what with it taking time to package – sometimes we have the big bags first. 😉 Metallic, shiny – ooooo.

Delica 11/0s

Delica 10/0s

Designer Packs

db2501 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Pale Gold [Duracoat] (5g tube)db2502 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Yellow [Duracoat] (5g tube)db2503 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Bright Copper [Duracoat] (5g tube)db2504 Delicas - 11/0 Japanese Cylinders - Galvanized Light Champagne [Duracoat] (5g tube)

Speaking of previous week’s updates – last week – we added some Delica 11/0 Picasso style beads – and some of the folks at the Bead Tea (because they get a sneak peak at what is coming up) offered the thought that a Picasso effect (that interesting mottling on some beads) might not look too interesting on beads as small as size 11/0 delicas.

So I beaded up a couple of samples, so you can see. These are, left to right, Red Garnet Picasso, and Picasso Canary. Canary wouldn’t have been my choice of names, but there you go. They do look pretty cool.

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As always – all the new stuff is here.

Cheers – stay safe!


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