Beaded Buttons – Plus favourite things!

Beaded buttons are one of my favourite things, but definitely not all of my favourite things. You know that I’m a technique addict, don’t you?

All that really means, is that I collect all sorts of things, including techniques! Buttons are some of my favourites, especially the vintage ones. I own a button jar, that was passed on from the family, and although I used them from time to time, I mostly just fondled them a bit.

In the pre-Covid days, I was putting my button jar back on the shelf, when I spotted another jar, that contained much larger buttons. Think large coat buttons, from probably the 40’s, or 50’s. Eureka! What if I covered those buttons, then beaded them? Hmm, I wonder how I would do that?

So, I started playing around, worked on my techniques, then designed a class around them (again, pre-Covid). Here are my samples!

beaded buttons
beaded buttons
beaded buttons
beaded buttons
beaded buttons

I’ve never actually stitched these buttons onto clothing, but I must admit that they would make unique brooches. If any of you are interested in taking a class, please let Amanda know (or just comment on this blog post), and she’ll set something up in the fall.

I’m beading on a 100% wool ball, that was gifted to me (by Dwyn), but is now available at BeadFX. It’s just one of the intuitive things that I do, and I have absolutely no idea where it’s going, or what I will do with it when it’s done. I’ve purchased a bunch of beads, in a colourway that I think will work (then I bought even more today), so now I’m just going to go! For those of you that ask me how long it takes to do this, I have to say that it will definitely take as long as it takes! I will not work on it solidly, so it’s an impossible question to answer.

beaded buttons
I do love where this section is going!
beaded buttons
This part still needs a little something, something. No worries, because it will eventually blend in.

Some of my favourite things, include Cyanotype print making (it’s an old photography technique, that uses a few chemicals, but no camera). I normally work on a technique called “Wet Cyanotype”, but I must admit that I forgot to add the “wet” part, before developing these prints in the sunlight, so they’re just plain Cyanotype. They are definitely not my best prints, but I thought that I should show you the results, just the same.

The leaves ended up looking like balloons, and the flower, a lonely firework display! LOL!

When I have a few minutes of downtime, I sometimes play with an app called “FotoDa” on my iPad. It’s an abstract photo collage application, that stitches together some of the coolest images, out of photos in my library. It’s easy, but totally random, so I end up discarding more than I save. Think of it as electronic doodling with photos!

I’ve decided to start blogging about some of my favourite things, and linking them on the BeadFX site, so you can find them easily. Let’s go!!!

6 lb Crystal Fireline – I use this for both my intuitive bead embroidery, and freeform peyote. It takes all the torture that I put it through, and keeps on stitching!!

Toho, Size 10 Beading Needles – I rarely use any other beading needle. This one has a good-sized eye, is very strong, and will even pass through most size 15/0’s.  Although the smaller variety packs are available (2/each of 3 different sizes of needles), I generally purchase the bulk pack of 25’s, so there’s no danger of my running out. I love them so much, that I include them in my class kits. Quality is so important to me!

Miyuki Beading Thread – If I’m not using Fireline, I’m using this thread. As a matter of fact, before I started using Fireline, I used this almost exclusively. It doesn’t stretch as much as some of the older threads, you don’t need to wax it, and I’ve never noticed it shredding. To tell you the truth, K.O., Hana, and One-G (Toho) threads are very similar, but I still automatically reach for my Miyuki!

Miyuki Seed Beads (all sizes) – As you can imagine, I have quite the stash of these! I love their colour, shape, quality, and the consistent size of their holes.They are the seed beads that started my bead hoarding story, and although I sometimes stray to Toho, I still love these the best!!

I know that I’ve used everything on my current list of “favourite things” on my beaded buttons (and most of my other beading projects), so I hope to encourage you to also give them a try. That’s it for this blog post, but it’s not the end of my favourite things, so keep tuned!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!


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