Landscapes of my Mind!

Landscapes of my mind are near and dear to my heart! I used to call them Serendipity Landscapes, and I expect that I will alternate both descriptions in the future.

Dreamy landscapes are probably one of my favourite things to create! Small ones, are even more precious, so I challenged myself to see what I could fit into some of the bezels that BeadFX carries (they’re not just for resin). Ahem, I might add that I’ve probably harassed a few people, to make sure that we get just the right bezels for my tiny landscapes. I do admit that some might seem a bit pricey, but I spend an awful lot of time on these landscapes, and they really do deserve a superior quality bezel!

I don’t remember where all this started, but not only did I turn them into a successful BeadFX Workshop, I was also asked to write a feature article for Belle Armoire Jewelry, when my first ones were spotted on Instagram (amd_artfuldreamer) by the Senior Managing Editor. I had a lot of fun doing both!

The first three, with the Sari Silk ribbon attached, are the ones shown in the article. The rest are my demo pieces from my workshops.

This is my wild, and crazy one!

My abstract, acrylic ink paintings also fall into the Landscapes of my Mind/Serendipity Landscapes arena. They’re probably more serendipity than anything else, but my mind still directs the end result. I start with two or three colours, then splash water about until I like the flow. If something doesn’t work, I either add more ink, more water, or wait until it’s dry, gesso the whole thing, and start over again!! No muss, no fuss, no stress, just play!

Here’s my latest, and I must admit that it is now one of my favourites!

Not a landscape, but I thought that I would show you an update photo of my Embellished Orb (just one section this time). I must admit that it’s taking much longer than I anticipated to complete, but I am still enjoying the process. I’ve shown it on my messy Bead-On-It board, to illustrate the way I like to work. Some of you are shuddering at this very moment, but I simply can’t help myself. I need to see everything, before the beads tell me where they want to be placed. Of course, random is best for the freeform peyote sections, so it’s easy to scoop the beads onto the needle, if they’re all piled up in a gorgeous mess. Blame my muse!

If you’re tempted to make one of these yourself, you can buy the 100% wool ball here.

Just in case you were wondering, I have no plans to sort the beads back into their nice, tidy containers. That would be just crazy! Instead, I’ll pick out some of the larger items, then pour the rest into a bead soup container. They will live there, until I decide on a new project for that particular colourway.

By the way, I purchased more beads today (heh, heh)!! I get easily bored, and really do need a variety. That’s what I like to tell myself. LOL!

Just for fun, here are a few more abstract collage photos from the FotoDa app on my iPad. My favourite is the first one, as it reminds me that I really must get out and photograph more flowers.

I’m done with Landscapes of my Mind for now, but you never know when I’ll resurrect this workshop in the future. It has always been one of my favourites! What have you been up do, and aren’t you happy that it’s cooled down a bit (at least in Toronto)? Last week was just wicked!!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, wash your hands, and get vaccinated!

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