Spiral Wreath Earrings

This flat wide wire – copper colored aluminum, actually – gives us some cool new ways to think about using wire.

So grab some of it, and your bail making pliers, and let’s give it a whirl.

Start with your flat wire stock with the end pinched in the pliers. I don’t measure and cut, I just work right off the spool.

Start spiraling around – you have to lay it at a bit of an angle, so the subsequent spirals lay next-to, instead of on-top-of.

I have good success with 6 spirals around the jaw of the pliers.

Like so.

Cut the spiral off – grab some fairly heavy duty cutters – the wire isn’t hard, but it is thick-ish.

Start curling it around, you can start with just your fingers.

Then tweak the curves with your bail pliers.

You might have to nudge or trim the ends to make it sit nicely

Like so.

I use the Hole Punch Pliers to make a hole in the wire for a jump ring.

A little sanding to smooth the ends would not be amiss.

I seriously need to moisture. It’s not even full winter yet. Argh.

You can add a head pin curved into an ear wire and wear as is …

Or get a little fancier with a pearl dangle and a couple of jump rings and an ear wire.

What else can you make with flat, wide wire? Textured Dangles? Rings? Riveted Bracelets?


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