Accidental Pairings are Amazing!

Accidental pairings are amazing, especially when they’re just that, accidental! Perhaps not always accidental, but maybe accidental on purpose.

Take this necklace for instance. I’ve always loved green, and blue stones, but never brown. Except in this case! A few weeks back, we added these unusually shaped, Chrysoprase flat nuggets to the site. I couldn’t get them out of my mind, so ended up purchasing a couple of strands.

accidental pairings are amazing
accidental pairings are amazing
accidental pairings are amazing

Inspiration struck, when I remembered that I had another strand of fatter nuggets in the stash. These were purchased years ago, and were mainly in a beautiful shade of green (with a little brown mixed in). My muse started humming, but then I had to come up with a plan.

I’m not really a planner (in the beading sense), so I just cut open the strands, and started playing. I didn’t like mixing them together, so decided to do the following. I strung half of the flat nuggets, then the fatter ones, and ending with the other half of the flat ones. Do these nuggets make my necklace look fat?

I thought the necklace was a bit boring! Then, I remembered a large Sterling Silver hook clasp, that we had in the store. What if I used the clasp asymmetrically in the front, instead of tucked in the back?

It worked, and I like it a lot! My only regret, is that the clasp is smooth, and not hammered. But who says that it can’t be hammered later? Hammering is good for stress relief!

I still have another strand of the flat nuggets, but what I will do with them? How about a double wrap bracelet? More play next weekend.

I also started thinking that accidental pairings are amazing, when working on this little needle-book. It’s from one of the “Making Zen Online Retreat” videos, and I thoroughly enjoyed every little slow stitch.

accidental pairings are amazing
Everything has been hand stitched!
accidental pairings are amazing
accidental pairings are amazing
Probably one of the first fabrics that I ever jar dyed (the pink)! Wow, it certainly takes me back!!
accidental pairings are amazing

The structure, and instructions were quite simple, but I just couldn’t leave it at that! So I complicated it, with extra stitching. I was tempted to add some beads, but I really didn’t have enough room. Next time!

Indigo was my first plan, but then I rifled through my stash. The orange, and pink fabrics were a given, but the soft blue was a surprise! Materials used – cotton batiks, hand dyed cotton sheeting, sari silk (from a couple of thrift shop saris). The inside pages are 100% wool felt, purchased from Monica at The Olive Sparrow (over 100 colours!). She’s just down the street from BeadFX!

I love these acrylic crackle, bubblegum beads, so decided to whip up a little bracelet. This might be an “Inspiration” in waiting! I wonder what I will do with the rest of the beads?

accidental pairings are amazing

Yes, accidental pairings are amazing, but they’re not the only type of beading that’s enjoyable. I’m a crazy, intuitive beader, but that doesn’t mean the rest of you are. I will try to seduce you towards my evil, intuitive designs, though! Heh, heh! Enjoy your week!

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