Santa Claws, Gummy Bears and Puppies, oh my. - your bead store with moreFestive Holiday theme Christmas beads – fun polymer clay beads that celebrate all the usual icons of the holiday season. Candy canes, bells, holly, Santa, dancing Christmas tree, snow demon, snow man, snowflake, socks, and the demon monster snowman.

s76348 Polymer Clay Vinyl -  Festive Christmas - Assorted Colours (50pcs)

And, new  GUMMI BEAR Beads! Yes, I know, we have the Neon Gummies, but these are transparent, and tiny, and just, … juicy. Perfect for lick-able earrings.

s76349 Acrylic Beads -  Gummy Bears - Assorted Transparent Colors (20)

Now these lovely charms also fall into the category of holiday themes. The first one here is someone’s idea of a reindeer. To me – it’s a moose. Don’t you think it’s a moose? I think it’s a moose.

The stags here are so elegant, they might have just strolled out of a medieval bestiary. Hand-drawn by monks on vellum meets laser-cut stainless steel. And the snowflake – set with a cubic zirconia? Stunning. Snowflakes are charming, when you don’t have to shovel them, drive in them or freeze your butt in them.

s76351 Charm -  Moose - Stainless Steels76352 Charm -  Elegant Deer - Gold Plated (over Stainless Steel)s76366 Charm/Pendant -  CZ Snowflake - Crystal - Platinum Plated (2)

But, I have saved the best for last. OK – brace yourself dog folks – because …

s76353 Charm -  Lab Puppy - Stainless Steel (2)s76354 Pendant -  Schnauzer Face - Stainless Steels76355 Charm -  Worried Retriever - Stainless Steels76356 Charm -  Shepherd with Heart - Stainless Steel

s76357 Charm -  Sitting Dog with Heart - Stainless Steels76358 Charm -  Barking Lab with Heart - Stainless Steels76359 Charm -  Shetland Sheepdog - Stainless Steels76360 Pendant -  Inquisitive Shepherd with Heart - Stainless Steel

s76361 Pendant -  Chihuahua with Heart - Stainless Steels76362 Charm/Pendant -  Dachsie with Heart - Stainless Steels76363 Charm/Pendant -  Retriever with Heart - Stainless Steels76364 Charm/Pendant -  Spitz with Heart - Stainless Steel

s76365 Charm/Pendant -  Corgi - Enameled (2)

YES! It is puppies and doggies! You can’t give a dog for Christmas, but you can make dog earrings, charm bracelets, pendants, key chains. Oh yes – if dogs make your heart sing, or your friends – celebrate with a heart dog.

I’ve labeled them the way I see them, but if you see them differently – you run with it. Like the Sheltie – if you see it as a Collie – not gonna argue. Is that lab a Bedlington terrier? By all means. Sammy, Chow, Schipperke, Pompom or Akita, sure. Doxie, mini or standard?

Corgis – and if the Queen couldn’t stop at one – I don’t see why you should either.

Just a quick note – between shipping and holidays and etc., we won’t be able to restock this new stuff till the new year – so if you love it, grab it.
Cheers – stay safe! As always – all the new stuff is here.

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