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We introduced you to some bead findings not too long ago – fun stuff for making into earrings, using as structure for pendants, etc. Well – we have more of them today, plus we are filling in the color gap with silver versions of the gold ones from last time.

So – you might remember these – now in silver color!

26001405-01 Beadwork Findings - 28mm Pendant Flower - Gold Plated (Pack 4)26001406-01 Beadwork Findings Pendant Flower - Silver (4pcs)26001405-20 Beadwork Findings - 31mm Pendant Crossed Heart - Gold Plated (Pack 4)26001406-20 Beadwork Findings Pendant Crossed Heart - Silver (4pcs)

26001405-27 Beadwork Findings - 21mm Pendant Half Moon Semicircle - Gold Plated (Pack 10)26001406-27 Beadwork Findings Pendant Half Moon  Semicircle with 9+1 Holes - Silver (10pcs)26001405-18 Beadwork Findings - 38mm Pendant Swirl Leaf - Gold Plated (Pack 4)26001406-18 Beadwork Findings Pendant Leaf - Silver (4pcs)

So that’s cool.

But we have even more choices now, with more shapes, and mostly, in both colors this time around. Look – gramma’s lacy doilies.

26001405-04 Beadwork Findings Pendant Mandala - Gold (3pcs)26001406-04 Beadwork Findings Pendant Mandala - Silver (3pcs)

26001405-08 Beadwork Findings Pendant Half Circle - Gold (4pcs)26001405-17 Beadwork Findings Pendant Flower Side View - Gold (5pcs)26001406-17 Beadwork Findings Pendant Flower Side View - Silver (5pcs)
Love these leafy shapes.The middle one reminds me of a seaweed we used to see on the seashore. The seaweed that we saw was seaweed I’m sure.

26001405-15 Beadwork Findings Pendant Two Leaves - Gold (6pcs)26001405-16 Beadwork Findings Pendant Branch - Gold (4pcs)26001405-00 Beadwork Findings Pendant Branch with Leaves - Gold (6pcs)

26001406-15 Beadwork Findings Pendant Two Leaves - Silver (6pcs)26001406-00 Beadwork Findings Pendant Branch with Leaves - Silver (6pcs)

Hearts anyone?

26001405-19 Beadwork Findings Pendant Heart - Gold (5pcs)26001405-21 Beadwork Findings Pendant Organic Heart - Gold (3pcs)26001405-11 Beadwork Findings Pendant Heart side Link - Gold (5pcs)

26001406-11 Beadwork Findings Pendant Heart side Link - Silver (5pcs)26001406-19 Beadwork Findings Pendant Heart - Silver (5pcs)

And these starburst sun-themed pieces!

26001405-23 Beadwork Findings Pendant Eye in Sun - Gold (3pcs)26001405-02 Beadwork Findings Pendant Circle with Sun - Gold (4pcs)26001405-24 Beadwork Findings Pendant Sun - Gold (2pcs)

Can’t get away from those cats! (ok – my brain just fired off a random electron and I now see the negative spaces first and this looks like a very satisfied frog instead of two cats. And I can’t un-see it. Argh. )

26001406-33 Beadwork Findings Pendant Moon with Cats - Silver (4pcs)26001405-33 Beadwork Findings Pendant Moon with Cats - Gold (4pcs)

And finally – this rather surprised looking flowers and leaf pendant.  😉

26001405-35 Beadwork Findings Pendant Circle with Flowers - Gold (4pcs)26001406-35 Beadwork Findings Pendant Circle with Suprised Flowers - Silver (4pcs)

Clasps – always useful – multi-strand sliding tube clasps

26001406-29 Beadwork Findings Tube Slide Clasp with 2-Strands - Silver (2pcs)26001406-30 Beadwork Findings Tube Slide Clasp with 3-Strands - Silver (2pcs)26001406-31 Beadwork Findings Tube Slide Clasp with 4-Strands - Silver (2pcs)

Restock on the Fairy Ribbon – and two stunning new colors. The fairy ribbon is an silk organza ribbon – approx. 42 inches long, and about 2 cm wide if stretched out but it is rolled into a sort of tube. Use by itself to hang a pendant, or weave through a large link chain, or twist with other fibers or strands of beads for a boho look in a bracelet or necklace. Hand-stitched finished edge. You can gather the ends into a bead cone, finish the ends with a fold over crimp, or simply tie in a bow. The colors are gorgeous.

s77082 Fairy Ribbon - Bright Violets77083 Fairy Ribbon - Azure Blue

Don’t forget about the C-Lon as a stringing option either. Two new colors in the Tex 135 weight – with is .411 mm size – right in the middle of the sizes. Do note – these are the bigger spools – with 136 yards or 124 meters on them. It’s not that there has been an enormous price jump – it’s just more stuff on the spool.

s77084 Tex 135 Bead Cord C-Lon Bead Cord - Argentum (136 yd Bobbin)s77085 Tex 135 Bead Cord C-Lon Bead Cord - Charcoal (136 yd Bobbin)

And a new color in the UltraSuede – Scoundrel Red. Apparently, they have been attending my school of creative naming. This is a great foundation for your beaded embroidery. 

s77086 Beading Foundation UltraSuede - Scoundrel

As always, all the newest stuff is here!


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