About BeadFX

We think, eat, sleep, talk beads. We look for beads everywhere. We go on vacation and look for beads – well – back in the day when we could actually leave the house! We cruise the internet looking for beads. We nag our over 200 suppliers about quality, variety, cost. We know that WE want to buy the best beads at the best prices, and we know you want to as well!

What can we do for you? We provide beads and components (and findings and supplies and tools and other stuff) so that you can make beautiful jewelry. Make quality jewelry for yourself at a fraction of the cost of retail. Make unique, personal items that reflect your style, your taste, your life. Make lovely, thoughtful gifts. Make it for sale. Make it as an heirloom or for tonight’s party! Make it as personal statement.

Or, just bead for the love of crafting, making things, using your hands to create. We’ve helped many a person to stay sane during the pandemic, and I don’t mind saying – our love of beads and all things shiny has helped keep us sane too!

Don’t know how? Can’t tell a head pin from a needle? We’ve got you covered there too. We have classes and kits and on-line tutorials.

We do have a large “bricks & mortar” store as well –  you can come in and buy beads. But there is nothing like the comfort of shopping from home. Create an id and your shopping cart is portable. Add items when you think of it – from home, from your office, from your tablet or phone! Shop in your pajamas!

We are open to the public.

So come on in, browse around. Read our crazy descriptions! Revel in our superb photographs! Everyone is welcome, because a friend with a bead, is a friend indeed!

Email us: info@beadfx.com
Phone us: Tollfree 877-473-2323  or +1.416.751.1911