Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some questions that we hear often, both online and in the store.

Updated – Dec 15, 2021 – COVID Rules – please check our open status page to see if we are open for in-store shopping. 

Q: Do you have a store? A: Yes we do, we have a storefront in East York, Ontario. Please see here for details.
Q: Are you open to the public? A: Yes! Please see here for our hours!
Q: You don’t have _____. Can you get it for me? A: Let us know what it is – we can try. Email us at
Q: Do I need a retail sales tax license to buy from you? A: Nope – everyone is welcome!
Q: Do you have a catalogue? A: This website is our catalogue – we update it every week – which would be prohibitively expensive for a print catalogue.
Q: Do you give wholesale prices or a volume buying discount? A: Sorry, no, we are primarily retail. We do offer a discount for businesses. We also offer bulk pricing on some products.In order to set you up with your business discount, we would need to see proof of business documentation (business licence/tax exemption forms) You can fax these to 416.751.1511 or email a scan of these to along with your name, phone number, email address and shipping address.
Q: Can I buy a gift certificate for a friend? A: Certainly, place your order here!
Q: I’m uncomfortable using my credit card online. Can I still order? A: Yes you can. You can use the shopping cart to place a callback order. Simply shop using the shopping cart, and when you are ready – place your order as you normally might. Select “callback” as you payment method and we will phone you for payment information. Please ensure that you give us a valid daytime phone number. (This offer applies only to U.S. and Canadian phone numbers.)
Q: I sent you an email and I didn’t hear back. Don’t you answer your email? A: Yes we do. Unfortunately, we get a lot “bounced” replies every week – where our email has been blocked by your ISP or your mail program because we are not on your “permitted” list. If you have not heard from us, this is very likely the case. Please call us toll free at 1-877-473-2323 or add to your “white list.”
Q: Do you carry plastic beads? A: We specialize in good quality beads for making jewelry. While we do have some lucite and resin – we don’t carry “plastic” beads.
However, if you need plastic beads in bulk, say for teaching crafts at summer camp, we can help you out by getting them for you as a special order.
Q: Do you send a confirmation email when I order? A: A confirmation email is sent automatically. If you do not receive one, please check that the email address you gave us is correct.
Q: Do you have a minimum order? A: Nope – order as little, (or as much) as you’d like.
Q: What currency will my credit card be charged in? A: Your credit card will be charged in whatever currency your card is in. If you have a US dollar credit card, you will be charged in US dollars, and your bank will convert for you based on the exchange rate that they are charging on that day. We have changed the shopping cart so that you can shop in either $Cdn or $USD, all the way through our site.

If you are in Canada or the United States, the website should automatically set the correct currency. If not, you can choose your currency at the top of the shopping cart, and the system will now remember that every time you log in!

Q: I have a question about shipping. A: See our Shipping page for more information.
Q: Do you take credit cards? A: Yes. We take credit cards and paypal online. Credit cards, debit cards, and cash in-store.
Q: I have a question about my order? Who do I contact. A: Phone us at 1-877-473-2323 or 416-751-1911 or email us at
Q: Why does it say BeadFX 2012 in the logo? It’s not 2012 anymore. A: In 2012, BeadFX underwent a huge move and corporate restructuring – and is now a new company. New company – new name – same great beads and service!