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Half Persian 4-in-1 Chainmaille with Seamless Join

Create a seamless chainmaille bangle!

“HP4” is a classic chainmaille weave, very fluid and sexy. It also works well with rubber/EPDM rings to make stretchy bangles. This class with Gillian Clarke will cover making the weave from scratch and also joining the ends seamlessly to make a bangle or a no-clasp long necklace.

Type of class: Virtual. A few days prior to the class you will be sent an email containing the class instructions and the electronic link to the Zoom class. Once these instructions have been sent, refunds and cancellations will not be permitted.

Kit fee: Custom kits can be arranged. Please contact the instructor at gillian@layer9.net; allowing plenty of time for mailing.

Skill level: Beginner Plus/Intermediate

Prerequisite: Basic chainmaille skills – opening and closing jump rings. This is not difficult, but probably should not be your first chainmaille project.

Technique: Chainmaille

Have for class: If you don’t have rings in your stash, rings are available from www.theringlord.com or contact the teacher.

  • Two pairs of flat nose pliers or other chainmaille-appropriate pliers. Magnification of you need it.
  •  Saw-cut anodized aluminum jump rings – choice of sizes:
  •  Lightweight
    • 18 swg 1/4″ (AR=5.5) – about 100 rings total (50 each of two colours).
    • Optional: you can also use square wire rings in 18 swg 1/4″, either alone or combined with regular round wire 18 swg 1/4″.
  •  Heavier weight
    • 16 swg 5/16” (AR=5.2) – about 90 rings total (45 each of two colours)
    • Optional: to make a stretchy bangle substitute one colour with EPDM (latex-free “rubber”) rings in the same size, about 45 rings.
  •  NOTE: EPDM rings are not easily available in a size to match the lightweight version.

Of special note: the class patterns and instructions from our classes are for your personal use only. Please respect the intellectual property of our artists/instructors by not sharing, selling, or teaching the patterns you receive from the classes you take.

How to Register and Cancellation Policy: click here

The Half Persian 4-in-1 Chainmaille with Seamless Join ticket sales has ended!


Tue Mar 23, 2021


6:00 pm - 8:00 pm


$ 42.00
Gillian Clarke


Gillian Clarke

Gillian retired early from an unsatisfying corporate job and is now exercising her creative side and dying her hair odd colours. She is a self-taught chainmailler who loves to share her obsession. www.GForceJewelry.com

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