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In studio – Arch of Triumph Earrings

General In-Studio Class we outline

Course outline: Using fine gauge copper wire (which is best for practice) you will learn to wrap around a wire mandrel and then create wrapped loops. Learn to use liver of sulphur to oxidize your earrings and then clean and polish. Shape and add ear wires. Even though we will be completing only the earrings in class, a value add is that the project can easily be adapted to a pendant. Once the technique has been mastered you can try using different metals on your own, such as sterling silver.  Instructions will provide measurements and wire gauges as suggestions to try outside the classroom as well.

Type of class: This is a physical class in the metal studio. The class will be kept small (no more than 4 students). Everyone will be required to wear a mask at all times during the class.

Kit fee: $15.00 payable to the instructor the day of the class. Kit includes: All wire (2 gauges), jump rings, ear wires, rubber stoppers, and cleaning and polishing materials to complete the earrings. Fully illustrated instructions which will also include wire gauges and measurement to adapt project to a pendant. We will be sharing the stations for preparing the patina: water bath, liver of sulphur bath, and neutralizing bath.

Skill level: Intermediate/ Beginner

Prerequisite: Experience working with wire will be beneficial to the student.

Technique: Wire-work

Bring to class:

  • Students should bring an old toothbrush,
  • small ruler,
  • Sharpie-style marker,
  • bic-style pen
  • and any magnification as required.
  • Studio tools will be available for in-class use, however, if you would like to bring your own we will be using, round nose pliers; 2-pair of flat nose piers, flush cutters.

Of special note: the class patterns and instructions from our classes are for your personal use only. Please respect the intellectual property of our artists/instructors by not sharing, selling, or teaching the patterns you receive from the classes you take.

How to Register and Cancellation Policy: click here

The Arch of Triumph Earrings with Deborah Beesley ticket sales has ended!


Sat Nov 20, 2021


10:00 am - 1:00 pm


$ 70.00


BeadFX, 19 Waterman Ave, Unit 2
Deborah Beesley


Deborah Beesley

Deborah Beesley has been creating jewellery most of her adult life. She started when she was looking for a piece of jewellery and just couldn't find the right thing. Necessity is the motherhood of invention and by figuring out how to make the piece this started her on a whole new journey. Always curious, Deborah has taken various technique classes over the years, finding that it really boosts creativity. Deborah's particular passion is creating with wire and exploring and working with colour, different shapes and textures. It speaks to her and she is passionate about her wearable art. Deborah has been a member of the Toronto Bead Society (TBS) since 2006 and she volunteered as the TBS Steering Committee’s Education Coordinator from 2016 to 2020.

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