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Virtual -Tubular Bracelets in Metal Clay

General Virtual Class web outline:

Course outline:

This class explores the creation of overlapping and butt-joined, hollow tubes. Various tube-end treatments will be explored – open, flat and convex. Textures and various surface treatments will be applied to the tubes. We will create both primary and spacer tubes. The tubes can then be strung on leather, thicker chain or cord, or heavy elastic.

Type of class: Virtual. A few days prior to the class you will be sent an email containing the class instructions and the electronic link to the Zoom class. Once these instructions have been sent, refunds and cancellations will not be permitted.

Skill level: Beginner

Prerequisite: Metal Clay can be purchase from Beadfx.

Technique: Creation of various sizes of tubes, textures and various end finishes – open and partially open. I will be using white and red bronze metal clays, although this also works well in sterling or fine silver clay.

Have for class:

  • white and red bronze metal clays, although this also works well in sterling or fine silver clay.
  • Metal clay tools, if you have them, otherwise a list of commonly available substitutions will be provided prior to the class. Metal clay can be purchased in-store or online from Beadfx.

Of special note: the class patterns and instructions from our classes are for your personal use only. Please respect the intellectual property of our artists/instructors by not sharing, selling, or teaching the patterns you receive from the classes you take.

How to Register and Cancellation Policy: click here


Sun Jun 11, 2023


12:00 pm - 3:00 pm


$ 85.00

Zoom Meeting


Virtual Class
Liz Reynolds


Liz Reynolds

Liz has a creative background in pottery and textiles. She discovered metal clay in 2004 and was thrilled by the idea of translating textile patterns and textures onto clay, and then transforming the clay into metal. She has studied with local artists and internationally known metal clay masters including Hadar Jacobson and Wanaree Tanner. She is an Accredited Hadars Clay Instructor, one of very few in Canada, and has been teaching since 2010. Her jewelry is sold in Ontario and Quebec.

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