Mixed Media Mess: What a dilemma!

BeadFX Blog Post – March 11th, 2020 – Anne Marie Desaulniers Mixed media mess, seems to be the story of my life, right now! Working with multiple supplies, stash, and techniques take money, time, and space, but it’s so satisfying! I’m not sure who hardwired my brain, but it definitely leans towards the unconventional! Is that a good thing? I like to think so, but some might have other ideas. I decided long ago, that it simply doesn’t matter, because I’m just happy to be me! But I must confess, that I really haven’t been very creative lately, but that’s …

Gifts from the beach: Traditional repurposing!

What do you think of when I say gifts from the beach? No, I don’t mean those expensive, kitschy items that you bring back as presents. I mean the real gifts! I wish I was close enough to the ocean, to say that my gifts from the beach, included a myriad of shells, but no, not this girl! As I live close to a very large lake (Lake Ontario), my gifts include beach glass, driftwood, and stones! Not only tangible gifts, but how about the gift of peace, sunshine, seabirds, exercise, fresh air, and serenity? I find beach walking to …

Bead like you mean it: Adventures up north!

Are you a true bead fanatic? When you bead like you mean it, your beads will prevail, and your muse will be happy! Even though all of my creative goals have not been met (as laid out in last weeks blog post), I still plan to work on them. Ambitious goals are never a bad thing! Holiday activities require fluid plans! Change and challenge is quite often the norm! When I say bead like you mean it, it always brings Intuitive Bead Embroidery to mind. It’s one of my favourite beading activities. I reach for it first, and it’s my …

May bead mat update: Toddling right along!

You might not know it, but my May bead mat update, is actually a snapshot of me doing everything and nothing! Seriously, I do know what I want to do (well maybe?), but I still want to experiment. I’m not afraid of hard work, but I am deathly afraid of being bored, so that’s why I jump around so much. Is that what mixed media is all about? I’ve hardly touched my bead embroidery for months, and there’s still that little purple doll hanging about. I won’t show her in my May bead mat update, but wouldn’t it be nice …

April bead mat update – Let’s celebrate spring!

Spring is here, and with it comes a return to creativity! Dark winter days fry my brain cells, but the muse knows when she needs to re-energize! It’s well past time to create, and my April Bead Mat Update was due! Good Friday was a perfect day in Toronto (the best day of the long weekend)! What better way to spend it, than to take a trip to the beach, to collect bits and pieces? About time, I say! Good company, sunshine, not much wind, driftwood, stones, friendly puppies, and free parking! What more could a girl ask? To win …

Beading conundrum: Where will this lead me?

To bead or not to bead, that is the question! Spring is finally here, but beading seems to be on the back burner. Will this last?


Warmer temperatures, lead me to believe that we have turned a corner, but I’m still wary! No garden to dig, but lots of spring cleaning to do! I’m reorganizing my craft/sewing room/studio. Sad to say, goodies from years ago are tempting me to stray from the beading path. I hope that I’ll be able to stand my ground. Fibre is such a tactile temptation, but then so are my paints and papers. Where will my muse take me? What will I do? Stay tuned, as all will be revealed, in future weeks!


Pam and I represented BeadFX, at the Art Waves show last weekend (for the second year in a row). A small show, and far more painting and craft related, than many of our other shows. An interesting experience!

We tempt artists and crafters to look at our products in a whole new way! You know that beading is just one of the many things we do? We stuff our rafters with knotting, metalwork, metal clay, mixed media, stamping, leather, and wirework supplies. In addition, the lampwork torches burn brightly, during classes and on Monday nights, during Happy Hour Torching. These ladies (and a few gentlemen), loved our samples, demos, mini- classes, and workshop information. It was a valuable exercise! Ice Resin was the hot item last year, and this year it’s Artist’s Concrete! On a personal note, I set a budget for myself, and only spent money on perfectly smooth wooden circles (for a mystery project), brushes, and new paints! Okay, I also bought a canvas roll up type of thing for brushes, but I promise that’s all!!!

It’s been a busy week! Monday, I played with fire, by torch enamelling some metal beads (check out Ann Shewan’s upcoming class). Yesterday, I watched a demo on a new (to me) type of resin and molding material. More on the beads next week, and I’ll report on the rest, when I get a chance to play with the products. Thanks Marg! I just love new stuff!!!

On Sunday, I left the house at an ungodly hour, and met up with the family in Burlington (they were there for a hockey tournament, and staying at a hotel by the lake). I had a short but lovely visit, and even managed to pick up a few gnarly pieces of driftwood (far more than those shown), on a very rocky beach. Great photography props, perhaps a future exercise in sculptural bead weaving, and a few suitable for jewellery purposes. They’ll need to age, until the ideas percolate!


I plan to do a little beading on the Easter weekend! But then what about painting, stitching, and playing with that new resin? I want to make time for that as well. Not to mention, fitting in another beachcombing trip! Be safe, enjoy the weekend, and make sure that you take a little time to get up close and personal with your beads!