New This Week

Our Week Off Hope you had a lovely holiday, and are having a nice, easy week. I know I’m not! I had a major computer hardware failure – which has resulted in days and days of reinstalling and re-patching and re-upgrading software. I can tell you right now which major software companies are big heroes with me for ease of recovery – and which aren’t! Nothing new this week – unless you count all the renovations at our new location! We are like a duck – outwardly we appear to be calmly and serenely sailing along – while under the …

Favourite free beading projects

I’ve been on the hunt for some magatama beading projects for Gail. So far,  I haven’t uncovered much, but I did come across some other projects I’m quite tempted to try out at some time.  I love these three in particular. Bead and Button will require you to set up a free account in order to access the projects. Beaded Bead Caps by Amy Johnson for Bead & Button Beaded Flower by Beth Ratheram for Beads & Beyond Beaded Bead by Pru McRae for Beads & Beyond