Lampwork Beads @ beadFX

Stephanie has been busy organizing all of our artist made lampwork beads. She’s set up the display table by artist, and even has everything neatly labeled! The display table looks fabulous, and now it’s far more clear as to who made what. 🙂  Last weekend,  I snapped some quick shots on my phone, and just uploaded them to Pinterest. We’ve posted more pics of the beads there. Follow us on Pinterest to keep updated. A big apology to those of you who shop online – these are only available in the retail store at this time as all of the …

Making Glass Beads – Making a Dichroic Glass Bead

OK – here it is – had to shorten it and try a bunch of stuff to make the file small enough to upload. But, ‘tiz done. Only took a day to shoot and two full days to edit. Anyone want any video edited – I’m charging an arm and a leg – per minute. For those of you who have never seen “lampwork” beads being made – I hope you find this useful and educational. For those of you who do make beads – I hope that you get something out of it too.