Fall Classes: Full Steam Ahead!

Where does the time go? It didn’t seem that long ago that we were celebrating the start of summer. Here we are again starting a brand new season! Our Fall line-up of classes kick into gear with our Back to Class Bar-Bead-que event on Saturday, September 7. Mark your calendars now to drop by and see the fabulous array of classes that our creative instructors have planned for us. And yes, there really is a barbeque happening so be sure to enjoy a bite of summer on us! Our early to mid-September classes will get you into the learning mode …

Beading conundrum: Where will this lead me?

To bead or not to bead, that is the question! Spring is finally here, but beading seems to be on the back burner. Will this last?


Warmer temperatures, lead me to believe that we have turned a corner, but I’m still wary! No garden to dig, but lots of spring cleaning to do! I’m reorganizing my craft/sewing room/studio. Sad to say, goodies from years ago are tempting me to stray from the beading path. I hope that I’ll be able to stand my ground. Fibre is such a tactile temptation, but then so are my paints and papers. Where will my muse take me? What will I do? Stay tuned, as all will be revealed, in future weeks!


Pam and I represented BeadFX, at the Art Waves show last weekend (for the second year in a row). A small show, and far more painting and craft related, than many of our other shows. An interesting experience!

We tempt artists and crafters to look at our products in a whole new way! You know that beading is just one of the many things we do? We stuff our rafters with knotting, metalwork, metal clay, mixed media, stamping, leather, and wirework supplies. In addition, the lampwork torches burn brightly, during classes and on Monday nights, during Happy Hour Torching. These ladies (and a few gentlemen), loved our samples, demos, mini- classes, and workshop information. It was a valuable exercise! Ice Resin was the hot item last year, and this year it’s Artist’s Concrete! On a personal note, I set a budget for myself, and only spent money on perfectly smooth wooden circles (for a mystery project), brushes, and new paints! Okay, I also bought a canvas roll up type of thing for brushes, but I promise that’s all!!!

It’s been a busy week! Monday, I played with fire, by torch enamelling some metal beads (check out Ann Shewan’s upcoming class). Yesterday, I watched a demo on a new (to me) type of resin and molding material. More on the beads next week, and I’ll report on the rest, when I get a chance to play with the products. Thanks Marg! I just love new stuff!!!

On Sunday, I left the house at an ungodly hour, and met up with the family in Burlington (they were there for a hockey tournament, and staying at a hotel by the lake). I had a short but lovely visit, and even managed to pick up a few gnarly pieces of driftwood (far more than those shown), on a very rocky beach. Great photography props, perhaps a future exercise in sculptural bead weaving, and a few suitable for jewellery purposes. They’ll need to age, until the ideas percolate!


I plan to do a little beading on the Easter weekend! But then what about painting, stitching, and playing with that new resin? I want to make time for that as well. Not to mention, fitting in another beachcombing trip! Be safe, enjoy the weekend, and make sure that you take a little time to get up close and personal with your beads!