The Business Chat – A visual chat

It’s time to get visual today, let’s talk about photos.  It’s that time of the year where I am up to my  elbows in paperwork and the top of the pile are show applications. Argh. Even though I’ve been filling these things out for 10 years they still are a chore. And the worst part of them? You guessed it, the photos.  After you’ve filled out a dozen or two applications the bio, the show list, the artist statement become easy. But deciding which 5 images to send is never easy. Because the photos you send will make or break …

Funny Site of the Day

Ok, so we don’t have a funny site every day, but this one makes up for it. You just gotta love Rick Mercer. Enjoy your morning coffee while looking through the photo challenges on his blog. Viewers have downloaded images of our political leaders and past hopefuls, and morphed them with photo editing software. Some of the entries are absolutely hilarious, and be prepared to waste a bit of time – there are a few years worth of submissions.