Perfection is Overrated – and other things!

Perfection is overrated, and that’s something that I firmly believe in! You search for perfection, then never really obtain it, so end disappointed!

Strive for imperfection, but reach for your very best!! I’m proud of you! There is beauty in imperfections, because they show the hands of the maker!

Face mask chains are the new rage for 2020, but I didn’t even know that I needed one! I don’t like this as a mask chain, so it will end up as a necklace. Perfection is overrated!

perfection is overrated

I need more beads, so BeadFX to the rescue! My simple palette for this set is crystal, silver, and grey. Show and tell for next week, possibly followed up with an “Inspiration” piece.

Here’s an article I found at, that shows other options. Think about leather, Kumihimo, or even Gemstone chain.

I will show you some photos, but I do need to tell you that nothing I make is ever perfect!

These stones are not perfect, so I dressed them up, but they’re still not perfect! But that’s okay!!

perfection is overrated

I don’t rip out stitches, on my Stitch Meditations, even if they’re crooked, or uneven. I love raw, frayed edges!!

Doodle Bits, are ripped, torn, and forgotten pieces of paper, and fibre, tied together with a few stitches. I love these, because they’re not perfect, have no purpose, and are a lot of fun!

perfection is overrated

Number two, and three of my #brownpaperbag series! This concept is current, and very popular over at the Stitch Meditation Facebook group.

perfection is overrated
perfection is overrated

Little brooches that sit unfinished, waiting for a purpose.

Perfection is overrated, but strive for your very best! Silence the nagging voices, then loosen up control. You’ll be happy that you did!

Keep safe, social distance, wear a mask, and wash your hands!

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