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Antique Summer

by: Rochelle Kilmer

My favourite colour is turquoise and when I saw the Amazonite, I nearly died. This stone is GORGEOUS!!! I knew right away I had to make a piece with it. So I grabbed some tumbled nuggets and the faceted trapezoids and started walking around the store. From there I was attracted to the antique brass rolo chain. The brass brought out the warmer tones in the Amazonite for me. I continued my walk through the store and then came the citrine nuggets and Swarovski crystals. With all my pieces I sat down and this was the design I came up with.

First I measured out 15.5 inches of the antique brass chain. I put a 20 mm jumpring on either end and attached the spring clip clasp to one of the jumprings. This is my closure. Four inches down either side of the chain from the clasp I cut the chain and attached another jumpring. This is where my multi-strands will attach. I strung the tumbled nuggets, 5 mm turquoise Swarovski bicones, and the 8 mm crystal brandy Swarovski bicones in a pattern I liked on the medium bronze beading wire. I used the #3 crimp tubes to crimp off my ends by flattening the crimps with my chainnose pliers. This strand is about 9 inches long.

Then I used the Vintaj headpins for my dangling citrine and Swarovski pieces. Constructing from the bottom up, I put the citrine nugget on, then a 5mm bicone, an 8mm bicone and then another 5mm bicone. I made my loop with the 1-Step looping tool (FANTASTIC in my opinion)!! I made three of these and then strung the trapezoids and the 4mm rounds that came on the strands with more Swarovski and the dangles. I had to add a couple of the tumbled nuggets to the ends to make the strand long enough to reach the jumpring. This strand came out to being about 10.5 inches long.

From the remaining rolo chain I cut a piece 9.5 inches long. Now I assembled my piece.

On the jumpring attached to the original piece of chain I put the trapezoid strand first, then the 9.5 inch piece of chain, then the tumbled nugget strand and the last piece of chain. I did the same on the other side so that everything hung appropriately.

Now you can step back and enjoy your GORGEOUS statement piece with Amazonite!!

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