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Pirate Ring

by: Dwyn Tomlinson

Hurrah for the Pirate Ring!

And it is, it is, a glorious thing,

To wear a pirate ring!

These new Swarovski crystal skulls are pretty gosh darn cool - and with the vertical hole - it's pretty obvious that the smaller ones will make great earrings and that you can hang them as a charm or a pendant. What to do that will be different ... ? Hmmmm. 

How about a ring? Could work - if I can get a bit of angle so that you see him face on. Hmmm.

And this is what I came up with. A blending of techniques: the bird's nest ring - which most of you will have seen by now, and the cluster wire-wrap ring - which, when I went looking for online instructions, seems to have disappeared. Darn.

With this combination of techniques, and given the theme, I guess you could call it a “crow's nest” ring. Ar, ar. A little pirate humour there.

It's hard to take pictures of these sorts of things when you are making them, because if you pick up the camera, you have to let go of the wires. Plus, you are making it up as you go alone, so it's hard to know what is important and what isn't. Hopefully, the following instructions help more than they hinder.

I used 24 gauge wire - I think you could go one gauge thicker - but 24 gauge worked ok, and it was what I had.

Et voila! Your Jolly Roger skull and crossed bones pirate ring. Arrrrr Maties? Whose up for some grog?

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74701012-01 Artistic Wire - 24ga Round Wire - Black (Spool)Price: $ 9.45
In Stock
27001895-01 Firepolish - 7mm Faceted Donut - Jet (strand 30)

(Alternate idea for the accent "bone" beads. )

Price: $ 3.79
In Stock
27001916 Firepolish - 7mm Faceted Donut - Jet / Bronze (Strand 25)

(Another alternate accent bead idea. )

Price: $ 7.15
In Stock
s24381 Mandrel - Steel Ring Mandrel - Round - Sizes

(Very helpful in making wire wrap rings. )

Price: $ 79.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 4 s18564 Stone Beads - 6 mm Faceted Rondelles - Matte Black Onyx (strand)

(If you don't want to buy an entire strand to get 4 beads (I was using left overs) - I think you could substitute a round black bead instead of about 8 mm. )

Price: $ 19.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
Qty: 1 2775750s38824 Swarovski Bead - 19mm Faceted Skull (5750) - Crystal ABPrice: $ 15.06
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.
s36463 Tools - 1.25in Hammer - Rawhide Mallet

(Use this to stretch the ring and smooth the ring band. )

Price: $ 29.95
Sorry - this item
is unavailable.

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